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Nellie Susanella Alden, Ralph Willis Allen, Arnold C. Amundsen Jr., Robert Anglin, Kichio Allen Arai, Hiroshi Asano, Kalman Axelrod, Jane Ayers, William James Bain Jr., William James Bain Sr., Howard Berglund, Bruce Bonine, Clifton J. Brady, Kieran Breen, Dennis Burch, James Joseph Chiarelli, Alistair Cory, Ira Ernest Cummings III, Edward Leonard Cushman, Richard Franklin Dallam II, Paul Raymond Dermanis, Reidar Dittmann Jr., James Whitley Ellison, Dennis Clair Forsyth, Xiao-Hui Gao, David Hall, Michael Hallmark, Dean E. Hardy, Mark Herman, David C. Hoedemaker, Patrick Toner James, Perry Bertil Johanson, Scott J. Johnson, Timothy Johnson, James O. Jonassen, Susan Hannen Jones, Arlene Kisiel-Jermann, Charles Kolb, Bradley David Leathley, David Leptich, Edward Kristian Mahlum, Edward King McCagg II, Steven McConnell, Jane McElroy, William Emerson McKinney, Omer Lloydgeorge Mithun, Robert Louis Morris, Floyd Archibald Naramore, John C. O'Brien, Michael Dean Ossewaarde, Lawrence Parrett, Doug Parris, Mark Perry, Robert James Pope, Peter Christian Pran, Roland Gilbert Pray Sr., John Francis Havergal Thompson Ridley, Brent Rogers, John Abram Rohrer, Joan Saba, Jose Sama, James J. Sanders, John Savo, Kenneth Schwarz, Stuart Silk, Matthew Somerton, Robert Robertson Sowder, Wallace Redmon Stout Sr., James M. Suehiro, Leigh Sutphin, William M. Svensson, William Henry Trogdon Sr., James Tully, Ronald F. Turner, Donald Arthur Winkelmann, Scott Wyatt, Jerry Yin, Alan Young, Henry Clayton Young, Richard Zieve

Active 1943-present

Firm Notes

Floyd Naramore, William Bain, Sr., Clifton Brady and Perry Johanson co-founded this Seattle-based firm in 1943. In its early years, the firm was a loose amalgam of three offices, working in association. Historian Marga Rose Hancock described it: "The firm had originated as an 'ad hoc' combination of three offices -- Naramore & Brady, William J. Bain Sr., and Smith Carroll and Johanson. These three firms retained their own offices for a time while also working at the ad hoc firm, before eventually merging." (See Marga Rose Hancock,, "Bain, William James Jr. (1930-2019), Architect," published 12/30/2009, accessed 06/12/2019.) By the time, William J. Bain, Jr., joined the office in 1955, it had had 46 other employees.

In 12/1960, NBBJ elevated four men to Partner status, joining the founders; they were: William M. Svensson, A. Ernest Hennessy, Eric C. Rising and Harry G. Widener. Widener was the firm's accountant. In 1960, two men--Theodore B. Carroll and Carl G. Forssen--had previously achieved the position of Senior Associate, but nine other men joined them at this level in 12/1960. They were: William J. Bain, Jr., son of a founder, James W. Evans, Robert A. Floren, Robert A. Hanson, Dean E. Hardy, Melvin J. Larson, William R. Pickens, Robert R. Pope and W. Redmon (often written "Redmond") Stout. Men made Associates in 12/1960 included Robert D. Bell, Bert J. Bruce, John D. Finnegan, Franklin J. Gribble, Gunnar R. Lie, Robert E. Messer and Vincent L. Oredson. These seven joined G.G. Cottier, George A. Graham, Jr., and Michael D. Ossewaarde, who were already Associates at NBBJ. (See "Architectural Firm Adds Three Partners," Seattle Times, 12/04/1960, p. 38.)

NBBJ, with over 700 employees worldwide, claimed itself to be the third largest architectural office in the United States and fifth in the world (2003); NBBJ operated two branch offices in Beijing, PR China, Columbus, OH, Dubai, UAE, London, UK, Los Angeles, CA, New York, NY, and San Francisco, CA in 2005; in 2006, NBBJ had nine office worldwide: Beijing, Columbus, Dubai, London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Shanghai; the firm was known as the "NBBJ Partnership" in 2005; Godwin Nitschke Bohm, a Columbus, OH, architecture firm, formed a working association beginning in 1976 and later merged with NBBJ.

On 03/24/1999, Dennis Forsyth and Susan Jones became NBBJ Partners. Leigh Sutphin, Anne Cunningham and David Yuan became NBBJ West Coast Principals. Other personnel moves were made at thie time, as reported by the Seattle Daily Journal of "NBBJ has also announced staff promotions to senior associate and associate, and recognized several individuals with company awards at a recent banquet at the Columbia Tower Club. Promoted to senior associate were: John Adkins, Martha Boes, Dave Burger, Rosemary Carraher, Jim Fair, Grant Gustafson, Jeanne Iannucci, Jill Jago, Diane Lasko, Patrick O'Hare, Jin Ah Park, Pola Piper, Leo Raymundo, Jonathan Ward and Jerry Yin. Promoted to associate were: Bill Auld, David Autenrieth, Louisa Chang, Gary Cruce, Cathe Farrington, Roddy Grant, Nick Hendrickson, Tom Henry, Liz Jacks, Richard Lundstrom, Joel McLeod, Joey Myers, David Neiman, Lori Noto, Bobby Pressley, Jill Rerucha, Joe Roseto, Amy Sparks, Duncan Thieme, Gayle Thorne, Jeb Thornburg, Jim Tully, Alec Vassiliadis, Nancy Waiss, and Stephen Wood." (See Seattle Daily Journal of, “NBBJ,” published 03/24/1999, accessed 10/07/2020.)

In 2006, Scott Johnson was a Partner with NBBJ. In 2007, the following employees headed the nine branch offices: Gao Xiao-Hui, Principal, Beijing, China; Doug Parris, AIA, Partner, Columbus, OH; Mark Perry, AIA, Principal, Dubai; Alistair Cory, Principal, London, UK; Scott Hunter, AP, LEED AP, Senior Associate, Los Angeles, CA; Jane Ayers, Senior Associate, New York, NY; Mark Herman, LEED AP, Principal, San Francisco, CA; Scott Wyatt, FAIA, Managing Partner, Seattle, WA; Jerry Yin, AIA, Principal, Shanghai, China.

NBBJ employed over 750 employees in 2014. On 03/24/2014, Design Partner Steven McConnell replaced Scott Wyatt as NBBJ's Managing Partner for all but corporate projects, of which Wyatt retained control. Wyatt became Chief Executive Officer. Jonathan Ward replaced McConnell as NBBJ's Design Partner. (See Marc Stiles, Puget Sound Business, “NBBJ has a new leader to replace Scott Wyatt,” published 03/24/2014, accessed 10/07/2020.)

PCAD id: 1057

1000 2nd Avenue Office Building, Downtown, Seattle, WA1987SeattleCA
1918 8th Avenue Office Building, Denny Regrade, Seattle, WA2007-2009SeattleWA
1st Presbyterian Church #4, Seattle, WA1969SeattleWA
2 Union Square Office Building, Seattle, WA1989SeattleWA
Alley 24 Mixed-Use Complex, 223 Yale Avenue Office Building, Cascade, Seattle, WASeattleWA, Headquarters #2, Arlington County, VA
Bain, William J., Jr., House, Bellevue, WABellevueWA
Bain, William J., Sr., House, Seattle, WASeattleWA
Battelle Memorial Institute, Master Plan, Richland, WARichlandWA
Battelle Memorial Institute, Master Plan, Seattle, WA1967SeattleWA
Battelle Memorial Institute, Northwest Technical Center, Phase 1, Richland, WARichlandWA
Battelle Memorial Institute, Northwest Technical Center, Phase 2, Richland, WARichlandWA
Battelle Memorial Institute, Research Center, Laurelhurst, Seattle, WA1965-1971SeattleWA
Battelle Memorial Institute, Residential Center, Seattle, WASeattleWA
Bellevue Public School District, Clyde Hill Elementary School, Clyde Hill, WA1952BellevueWA
Bellevue School District, Medina Elementary School #1, Medina, WA1957MedinaWA
Bravern Signature Residences, Downtown Bellevue, WA2010-2013BellevueWA
Carlson, A.W., Clinic, Everett, WAEverettWA
Children's Orthopedic Hospital #2, Laurelhurst, Seattle, WA1951-1954SeattleWA
City of Seattle, Parks and Recreation Department, Loyal Heights Fieldhouse, Loyal Heights, Ballard, Seattle, WA1949-1951SeattleWA
City of Seattle, Public Library (SPL), Branch #1, Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA 1953-1954SeattleWA
City of Seattle, Public Safety Building #2, Downtown, Seattle, WA 1946-1951SeattleWA
City of Seattle, Seattle Opera at the Center Building, Seattle Center, Seattle, WA2017-2018SeattleWA
College Club #3, Seattle, WA1967SeattleWA
Community Hotel Corporation, Olympic Hotel #2, Downtown, Seattle, WA1923-1924SeattleWA
Condominiums, Port Ludlow, WAPort LudlowWA
Corregidor-Bataan Memorial Design, Corregidor, Manila Bay, The Philippines1957Corregidor IslandCavite
Diablo School
Evergreen State College, Science Lab, Phase 1 and II, Olympia, WA1973OlympiaWA
Financial Center, Seattle, WA1972SeattleWA
Gates, Bill and Melinda, Foundation, Office Buildings, Seattle Center, Seattle, WA2008-2011SeattleWA
Georgia-Pacific Lumber and Plywood Corporation, Office Building, Olympia, WA1951-1952OlympiaWA
Hambach Building #4, Seattle, WASeattleWA
Harborview Medical Center, North Wing Trauma Center Tower, Seattle, WASeattleWA
International Air Terminal, Agana, GuamAganaGuam
International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation, Office Building and Garage, Downtown, Seattle, WA1962-1964SeattleWA
KOMO Broadcasting Studio #1, Seattle, WA1948SeattleWA
King County, Central Blood Bank #1, Seattle, WA1945-1946SeattleWA
King County, Department of Stadium Administration, Domed Stadium, Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA 1972-1976SeattleWA
Laucks Labortories, Incorporated, Building, Seattle, WASeattleWA
M Apartment Building, University District, Seattle, WA2018
M5 Commerce Centre, Downtown, Seattle, WA2014-2017
Magnin, I., Department Store #2, Seattle, WA1953-1954SeattleWA
Marine Bancorporation, Rainier National Bank, Headquarters Building, Downtown, Seattle, WA1972-1977SeattleWA
Meany, Edmond, Hotel, University District, Seattle, WA1929-1931SeattleWA
Metropolitan Building Company, White-Henry-Stuart Building, Downtown, Seattle, WA 1908-1915SeattleWA
Metropolitan Laundry Company, Laundry, Cascade Seattle, WA1917SeattleWA
Miller Park, Milwaukee, WI2001MilwaukeeWI
Museum of History and Industry #1 (MOHAI), Montlake, Seattle, WA 1948-1950SeattleWA
Naramore, Bain, Brady and Johanson (NBBJ), Architects, 904 7th Avenue Office, Seattle, WA 1950SeattleWA
Nordstrom, Elmer J., Medical Tower, Seattle, WASeattleWA
Northern Bank and Trust Building, Downtown, Seattle, WA1909SeattleWA
Northern Life Insurance Company, Office Building #3, Downtown, Seattle, WA1972SeattleWA
Ohio State University and Battelle Memorial Institute, Academy of Contemporary Problems, Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Olympia School District. McKinley Elementary School, Olympia, WAOlympiaWA
Pacific Northwest Bell Telephone Company, Office Building, Downtown, Seattle, WA1975-1976SeattleWA
Paramount Theatre and Office Building, Downtown, Seattle, WA1927-1928SeattleWA
Park Shore Hotel, Honolulu, HIHonoluluHI
Plymouth Congregational Church #4, Seattle, WA1967-1968SeattleWA
Port Ludlow Development, Port Ludlow, WA1969
Port of Seattle, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Sea-Tac, WA1942-1944Sea-TacWA
Rainier Square #2, Tower #1, Downtown, Seattle, WA2018-2020SeattleWA
Rainier Square #2, Tower #2, Downtown, Seattle, WA
Safeco Insurance Company, Office Building #2, University District, Seattle, WA1973SeattleWA
Sail @ Marina Bay, Singapore, SingaporeSingapore
Seattle 1st National Bank, Incorporated, Headquarters Building #3, Downtown, Seattle, WA1966-1969SeattleWA
Seattle Center, Wright, Bagley, Theatre, Seattle, WA1982-1983SeattleWA
Seattle Post-Intelligencer (P-I), Office and Press Building #4, Wall Street, Seattle, WA1947-1948SeattleWA
Seattle Public Schools, Lincoln, Abraham, High School, Wallingford, Seattle, WA1906-1907SeattleWA
Seattle World's Fair, United States Science Pavilion, Seattle, WA1959-1962SeattleWA
Seattle World's Fair, Washington State Coliseum, Seattle, WA1960-1962SeattleWA
Shannon and Wilson, Properties, Incorporated, Geotechnical Engineers, Office and Laboratory Building, Seattle, WA1960SeattleWA
Snohomish County, Campus Redevelopment Initiative, Snohomish, WA
Spring Apartment Hotel, Downtown, Seattle, WA1922SeattleWA
Spring Apartment Hotel, Parking Garage, Downtown, Seattle, WA1958-1959SeattleWA
Sun Mountain Lodge, Methow Valley, WAWinthropWA
Sutter Health / Palo Alto Medical Foundation, San Carlos Center, San Carlos, CA2012-2014San CarlosCA
Swedish Hospital, Nurses' Home, Eklind Hall, Seattle, WASeattleWA
Telenor ASA, World Headquarters, Fornebu, Norway2003FornebuØstlandet
Twin Towers Project, Moscow, Russia
Unigard Insurance Company Corporate Headquarters, Bellevue, WA1974BellevueWA
United States Government, Department of Justice, Federal Courts, Courthouse #3, Downtown, Seattle, WA2001-2004SeattleWA
United States Government, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Branch, Downtown, Seattle, WA1949-1951SeattleWA
United States Government, Postal Service (USPS), Main Post Office #2, Seattle, WA1958-1959SeattleWA
United States Government, Veterans Administration (VA), Hospital, Seattle, WA1952SeattleWA
University Methodist Episcopal Church #2, Christian Education Building, University District, Seattle, WA1955-1956SeattleWA
University of California, Berkeley (UCB), Hearst Memorial Mining Building, Berkeley, CA1903-1907BerkeleyCA
University of California, San Diego (UCSD), Center Hall, Classroom Building 1, La Jolla, CALa JollaCA
University of Washington, Everett, Campus Plan, Everett, WA2007EverettWA
University of Washington, Seattle (UW), Health Sciences Building #1, Seattle, WA1947-1949SeattleWA
University of Washington, Seattle (UW), Marine Sciences Building, Seattle, WA1982-1983SeattleWA
University of Washington, Seattle (UW), Physics / Astronomy Building, Seattle, WA1994SeattleWA
University of Washington, Seattle (UW), School of Medicine, Health Sciences Center, Seattle, WA1948-1950SeattleWA
University of Washington, Seattle (UW), School of Medicine, Primate and Biological Cancer Research Center, Seattle, WA1963-1964SeattleWA
University of Washington, Seattle (UW), South Campus Parking Garage, Seattle, WASeattleWA
Washington Building, Downtown, Seattle, WASeattleWA
Washington Mutual Savings Bank, Tower #2, Downtown, Seattle, WA2004-2006SeattleWA
Washington State Major League Baseball Stadium Public Facilities District, Safeco Field, SoDo, Seattle, WA1997-1999SeattleWA
Washington State University (WSU), Fine Arts Center, Pullman, WA1973PullmanWA
Wenatchee Public Schools, Lincoln High School, Wenatchee, WA1951
Westin Hotels, Sea-Tac Airport Hotel Project, Sea-Tac, WA1995Sea-TacWA
Whitman College, Cordiner Hall, Walla Walla, WA1967Walla WallaWA
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