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Male, US, born 1910-05-09, died 1981-06-15

Associated with the firms network

Johanson, Bain, Brady and Grainger, Architects; Naramore, Bain, Brady, and Johanson, (NBBJ); Naramore, Grainger and Johanson, Architects; Smith, Carroll and Johanson, Architects

Professional History


Draftsman, Smith and Carroll, Architects, Seattle, WA, 1934-1936.

Partner, Smith, Carroll and Johanson, Architects, Seattle, WA, 1936-1951.

Partner, Naramore, Grainger and Johanson, Architects, Seattle, WA, 1942.

Partner, Naramore, Bain, Brady and Johanson (NBBJ), Architects, Seattle, WA, 1943-c. 1981. While a Partner in NBBJ, Johanson's name was also connected to the firm, Smith, Carroll and Johanson, until 1951.

Professional Activities

Completed 15-week course, Camouflage School, Camouflage Division, Office of Civilian Defense, University of Washington, 10-12/1942;

Member, American Institute of Architects (AIA), Washington State Chapter.

Vice-Chairman, AIA, National Committee on Hospitalization and Public Health, 1947.

President, AIA, Washington State Chapter, 1950-1951; (The University of Washington Department of Special Collections indicated his dates of service as 1951-1952; see the on line record of the Dearborn-Massar Photograph Collection, King County Central Blood Bank exterior, Seattle, 1951, negative #DM3321).

Member, King County Planning Commission, Seattle, WA, 1951- . Johanson replaced Bliss Moore, Jr., (1913-1951) who had become ill and could not finish his appointment.



B.Arch., University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 1934.



Born in Greeley, CO, Johanson came to Seattle, WA, to attend the University of Washington, graduating in 1934.

He reported an address of 5014 Pullman Avenue, Seattle, WA, in 1942 and he and his wife Jean continued to reside there in 1948. (See Seattle, Washington, City Directory, 1948, p. 674.)

Johanson's last residence was in Bellevue, WA, 98006;


Perry Johanson married Jean Louise P. Johanson (1911-2000), an artist who worked in sculpture, mosaic and jewelry design. She produced sculptures for several large buildings in Seattle, WA, and developed an interest in using pebbles for mosaics. She worked as a student of the sculptor Dudley Pratt (1897-1975) at the University of Washington (UW), graduating in 1934. She would have her first solo exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum in 1944.

Biographical Notes

SSN: 534-34-2366.

Associated Locations

  • Greeley, CO (Architect's Birth)
    Greeley, CO

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PCAD id: 1499

1000 2nd Avenue Office Building, Downtown, Seattle, WA1987SeattleCA
1918 8th Avenue Office Building, Denny Regrade, Seattle, WA2007-2009SeattleWA
1st Presbyterian Church #4, Seattle, WA1969SeattleWA
2 Union Square Office Building, Seattle, WA1989SeattleWA
Alley 24 Mixed-Use Complex, 223 Yale Avenue Office Building, Cascade, Seattle, WASeattleWA, Headquarters #2, Arlington County, VA
Battelle Memorial Institute, Master Plan, Richland, WARichlandWA
Battelle Memorial Institute, Master Plan, Seattle, WA1967SeattleWA
Battelle Memorial Institute, Northwest Technical Center, Phase 1, Richland, WARichlandWA
Battelle Memorial Institute, Northwest Technical Center, Phase 2, Richland, WARichlandWA
Battelle Memorial Institute, Research Center, Laurelhurst, Seattle, WA1965-1971SeattleWA
Battelle Memorial Institute, Residential Center, Seattle, WASeattleWA
Bellevue Public School District, Clyde Hill Elementary School, Clyde Hill, WA1952BellevueWA
Bellevue School District, Medina Elementary School #1, Medina, WA1957MedinaWA
Bravern Signature Residences, Downtown Bellevue, WA2010-2013BellevueWA
Carlson, A.W., Clinic, Everett, WAEverettWA
Children's Orthopedic Hospital #2, Laurelhurst, Seattle, WA1951-1954SeattleWA
City of Seattle, Parks and Recreation Department, Loyal Heights Fieldhouse, Loyal Heights, Ballard, Seattle, WA1949-1951SeattleWA
City of Seattle, Public Library (SPL), Branch #1, Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA 1953-1954SeattleWA
City of Seattle, Public Safety Building #2, Downtown, Seattle, WA 1946-1951SeattleWA
City of Seattle, Seattle Opera at the Center Building, Seattle Center, Seattle, WA2017-2018SeattleWA
College Club #3, Seattle, WA1967SeattleWA
Community Hotel Corporation, Olympic Hotel #2, Downtown, Seattle, WA1923-1924SeattleWA
Condominiums, Port Ludlow, WAPort LudlowWA
Corregidor-Bataan Memorial Design, Corregidor, Manila Bay, The Philippines1957Corregidor IslandCavite
Diablo School
Evergreen State College, Science Lab, Phase 1 and II, Olympia, WA1973OlympiaWA
Financial Center, Seattle, WA1972SeattleWA
Georgia-Pacific Lumber and Plywood Corporation, Office Building, Olympia, WA1951-1952OlympiaWA
Hambach Building #4, Seattle, WASeattleWA
Harborview Medical Center, North Wing Trauma Center Tower, Seattle, WASeattleWA
International Air Terminal, Agana, GuamAganaGuam
International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation, Office Building and Garage, Downtown, Seattle, WA1962-1964SeattleWA
KOMO Broadcasting Studio #1, Seattle, WA1948SeattleWA
King County, Central Blood Bank #1, Seattle, WA1945-1946SeattleWA
King County, Department of Stadium Administration, Domed Stadium, Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA 1972-1976SeattleWA
Laucks Labortories, Incorporated, Building, Seattle, WASeattleWA
M Apartment Building, University District, Seattle, WA2018
M5 Commerce Centre, Downtown, Seattle, WA2014-2017
Magnin, I., Department Store #2, Seattle, WA1953-1954SeattleWA
Marine Bancorporation, Rainier National Bank, Headquarters Building, Downtown, Seattle, WA1972-1977SeattleWA
Meany, Edmond, Hotel, University District, Seattle, WA1929-1931SeattleWA
Metropolitan Building Company, White-Henry-Stuart Building, Downtown, Seattle, WA 1908-1915SeattleWA
Metropolitan Laundry Company, Laundry, Cascade Seattle, WA1917SeattleWA
Museum of History and Industry #1 (MOHAI), Montlake, Seattle, WA 1948-1950SeattleWA
Naramore, Bain, Brady and Johanson (NBBJ), Architects, 904 7th Avenue Office, Seattle, WA 1950SeattleWA
Nordstrom, Elmer J., Medical Tower, Seattle, WASeattleWA
Northern Bank and Trust Building, Downtown, Seattle, WA1909SeattleWA
Northern Life Insurance Company, Office Building #3, Downtown, Seattle, WA1972SeattleWA
Ohio State University and Battelle Memorial Institute, Academy of Contemporary Problems, Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Olympia School District. McKinley Elementary School, Olympia, WAOlympiaWA
Pacific Northwest Bell Telephone Company, Office Building, Downtown, Seattle, WA1975-1976SeattleWA
Paramount Theatre and Office Building, Downtown, Seattle, WA1927-1928SeattleWA
Park Shore Hotel, Honolulu, HIHonoluluHI
Plymouth Congregational Church #4, Seattle, WA1967-1968SeattleWA
Port Ludlow Development, Port Ludlow, WA1969
Port of Seattle, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Sea-Tac, WA1942-1944Sea-TacWA
Rainier Square #2, Tower #1, Downtown, Seattle, WA2018-2020SeattleWA
Rainier Square #2, Tower #2, Downtown, Seattle, WA
Safeco Insurance Company, Office Building #2, University District, Seattle, WA1973SeattleWA
Sail @ Marina Bay, Singapore, SingaporeSingapore
Seattle 1st National Bank, Incorporated, Headquarters Building #3, Downtown, Seattle, WA1966-1969SeattleWA
Seattle Center, Wright, Bagley, Theatre, Seattle, WA1982-1983SeattleWA
Seattle Post-Intelligencer (P-I), Office and Press Building #4, Wall Street, Seattle, WA1947-1948SeattleWA
Seattle Public Schools, Lincoln, Abraham, High School, Wallingford, Seattle, WA1906-1907SeattleWA
Seattle World's Fair, United States Science Pavilion, Seattle, WA1959-1962SeattleWA
Seattle World's Fair, Washington State Coliseum, Seattle, WA1960-1962SeattleWA
Shannon and Wilson, Properties, Incorporated, Geotechnical Engineers, Office and Laboratory Building, Seattle, WA1960SeattleWA
Snohomish County, Campus Redevelopment Initiative, Snohomish, WA
Spring Apartment Hotel, Downtown, Seattle, WA1922SeattleWA
Spring Apartment Hotel, Parking Garage, Downtown, Seattle, WA1958-1959SeattleWA
Sun Mountain Lodge, Methow Valley, WAWinthropWA
Sutter Health / Palo Alto Medical Foundation, San Carlos Center, San Carlos, CA2012-2014San CarlosCA
Swedish Hospital, Nurses' Home, Eklind Hall, Seattle, WASeattleWA
Telenor ASA, World Headquarters, Fornebu, Norway2003FornebuØstlandet
Unigard Insurance Company Corporate Headquarters, Bellevue, WA1974BellevueWA
United Brethren Church, Seattle, WA
United States Government, Department of Justice, Federal Courts, Courthouse #3, Downtown, Seattle, WA2001-2004SeattleWA
United States Government, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Branch, Downtown, Seattle, WA1949-1951SeattleWA
United States Government, Postal Service (USPS), Main Post Office #2, Seattle, WA1958-1959SeattleWA
United States Government, Veterans Administration (VA), Hospital, Seattle, WA1952SeattleWA
University Methodist Episcopal Church #2, Christian Education Building, University District, Seattle, WA1955-1956SeattleWA
University of California, Berkeley (UCB), Hearst Memorial Mining Building, Berkeley, CA1903-1907BerkeleyCA
University of California, San Diego (UCSD), Center Hall, Classroom Building 1, La Jolla, CALa JollaCA
University of Washington, Everett, Campus Plan, Everett, WA2007EverettWA
University of Washington, Seattle (UW), Health Sciences Building #1, Seattle, WA1947-1949SeattleWA
University of Washington, Seattle (UW), Marine Sciences Building, Seattle, WA1982-1983SeattleWA
University of Washington, Seattle (UW), Physics / Astronomy Building, Seattle, WA1994SeattleWA
University of Washington, Seattle (UW), School of Medicine, Primate and Biological Cancer Research Center, Seattle, WA1963-1964SeattleWA
University of Washington, Seattle (UW), South Campus Parking Garage, Seattle, WASeattleWA
Waldo, William E., Hospital, Clinic, Maple Leaf, Seattle, WA1948SeattleWA
Washington Building, Downtown, Seattle, WASeattleWA
Washington Mutual Savings Bank, Tower #2, Downtown, Seattle, WA2004-2006SeattleWA
Washington State Major League Baseball Stadium Public Facilities District, Safeco Field, SoDo, Seattle, WA1997-1999SeattleWA
Washington State University (WSU), Fine Arts Center, Pullman, WA1973PullmanWA
Wenatchee Public Schools, Lincoln High School, Wenatchee, WA1951
Westin Hotels, Sea-Tac Airport Hotel Project, Sea-Tac, WA1995Sea-TacWA
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