Welcome to the Pacific Coast Architecture Database (PCAD). PCAD includes a range of information on the buildings and architects of California, Oregon and Washington. Also included are professionals in other fields who have made an impact on the built environment, such as landscape architects, interior designers, engineers, urban planners, developers, and building contractors. Building records are tied to those of their creators (when known) and include historical and geographical information and images. Bibliographical information, such as magazine and book citations and web sites, has also been linked for creators and their partnerships and structures.

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Announcing PCAD version 4.0

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This is a new version of the Pacific Coast Architecture database, developed over the summer and autumn of 2014. We have retroactively dubbed it "version 4.0" as it represents the fourth major stage in the technological evolution of PCAD. For more on PCAD's history, see the About page.

This version introduces a number of enhancements and new features.

A new layout and graphical look: PCAD was "re-skinned" with a modern, adaptive CSS framework. While still targeting desktop devices as the primary user, the site should function adequately on smaller screens. In the future we will work toward supporting all types of devices equally well.

User-selectable UI themes: to try out this feature, select More > Display Options and choose a different theme.

New mapping features: interactive maps of sites associated with an architect or firm. See PCAD 4.0 -- Mapping Features for more information.

A network visualization view that provides an interactive and graphical representation of professional connections. See ...


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