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Male, US, born 1908-07-03, died 1990-05-05

Associated with the firms network

Chiarelli and Kirk, Architects; Chiarelli, James J., Architect; Graham, John and Company, Architects and Engineers; Naramore, Bain, Brady, and Johanson, (NBBJ); Priteca and Chiarelli, Architects; Smith, Carroll and Johanson, Architects; Thomas, Grainger and Thomas, Architects; Willatzen, Andrew C.P., Architect

Professional History


Draftsman, Andrew Willatsen, Architect, Seattle, WA, 1934-1935.

Draftsman, Thomas, Grainger and Thomas, Seattle, WA, 1935-1937.

Draftsman, Richard Ellis, Architect, Seattle, WA, 1938.

Draftsman, Henry Elmer "Kirk" Kirkemo, Architect, Missoula, MT, 1938.

Draftsman, Naramore, Bain, Brady, and Johnson, Architects, Seattle, WA, 1938.

Draftsman, F. M. Stokes, Portland, OR, 1939.

Draftsman, John Graham and Company, Architects and Engineers, Seattle, WA, 1939.

Draftsman, Smith, Carroll and Johanson, Seattle, WA, 1939.

Field Architect, Vancouver Housing Authority, Vancouver, WA, c. 1940.

Partner, Chiarelli and Kirk, Architects, Seattle, WA, 1945-1950;

Principal, James J. Chiarelli, Architect, Seattle, WA, 1950- 1979; Chiarelli moved to a 1717 East Pine Street office in 09/1962.


Instructor for Architectural Design, College of Architecture, University of Washington, Seattle (UW), 1947; lectured at the Edison Vocational Technical Institute, Seattle, WA;

Professional Service

When surveyed in 1955, Chiarelli indicated that he was a Registered Architect in the State of WA.

President, University Architectural Alumni Association, University of Washington, Seattle, before 1948.

Member, Council on Progressive Architecture, c. 1948.

Member, American Institute of Architects (AIA), Washington State Chapter.

Board Member, AIA, Washington State Chapter, 1955-1958.

Chairman, AIA, Washington State Chapter, Planning and Urban Development Committee, 1953.

Chairman, AIA, Washington State Chapter, Profile Information Committee, 1954.

President, AIA, Washington State Chapter, 1956-1958.

Member, Seattle Planning and Redevelopment Council, Pioneer Square Advisory Committee, Seattle, WA, 1966.

Professional Awards

Recipient, AIA, Washington State Chapter, Walter Brown Clinic, Honor Award, 1947.

Recipient, VIII Pan-American Congress, Rosellini Clinic, Gold Medal, 1950.

Recipient, AIA, Washington State Chapter, Honor Award, Tacoma Blood Bank, 1951.



B.Arch., University of Washington, Seattle (UW), Seattle, WA, 1934.



James Chiarelli married Pat Chiarelli in 1947.


When surveyed in 1955, Chiarelli noted that he had had three children. One son, Randall G. (Rico) Chiarelli, went on to become a Lighting Designer for the Pacific Northwest Ballet (PNB). (See Moira Macdonald, "Pacific Northwest Ballet's Rico Chiarelli lights the way,"Accessed 04/17/2012.)

Personal Notes

SSN: 531-10-5971;

Associated Locations

  • Spokane, WA (Architect's Birth)
    Spokane, WA

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  • Seattle, WA (Architect's Death)
    Seattle, WA


PCAD id: 2183

1419 East Olive Street Tri-plex Apartments, Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA1945-1946SeattleWA
1631-1635 15th Avenue East Duplex House, Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA 1946
5059 Pullman Avenue NE House, Seattle, WA1949SeattleWA
7027 32nd Avenue NE House, Seattle, WA1947SeattleWA
7829 West Mercer Way House, Mercer Island, WA1950Mercer IslandWA
847 East 100th Street House, Maple Leaf, Seattle, WA1948-1949SeattleWA
9239 Matthews Avenue NE, Matthews Beach, Seattle, WA1949SeattleWA
Arcorace House, Seattle, WA1953SeattleWA
Brown, Odessa, Clinic, Seattle, WA1949SeattleWA
C and K Apartments, Seattle, WA1949SeattleWA
Chiarelli, James and Pat, House, Maple Leaf, Seattle, WA1948-1949SeattleWA
Church of the Brethren #2, Maple Leaf, Seattle, WA1948SeattleWA
City of Seattle, Opera House, Seattle Center, Seattle, WA1960-1962SeattleWA
Clark, Leland J., House, Hilltop, Bellevue, WA1950-1951BellevueWA
Crockett, Samuel L. and Marjorie M., House, Mercer Island, WA1949-1950Mercer IslandWA
Crown Hill Medical-Dental Clinic, Crown Hill, Seattle, WA1947SeattleWA
Daniels House, Norwood Village, Bellevue, WA1951BellevueWA
DeMarsh, Quinn B. and Gale Nickson, House, Edmonds, WA1948
Kirk, Paul Hayden, Duplex House, 5521 25th Avenue NE, Ravenna, Seattle, WA1945-1945SeattleWA
Kirk, Paul Hayden, Duplex House, 5525 25th Avenue NE, Ravenna, Seattle, WA1945-1945SeattleWA
Kirk, Paul Hayden, Duplex House, 5529 25th Avenue NE, Ravenna, Seattle, WA1945-1945SeattleWA
Lakewood Community Church, Seattle, WA1949SeattleWA
Lundberg, George A., House, Seattle, WA1947
Rader, Dr. Melvin, House, Seattle, WA1949SeattleWA
Roellini’s Four-1Ten Restaurant, Downtown, Seattle, WA 1950-1951SeattleWA
Roman, Herschel and Caryl, House, View Ridge, Seattle, WA1950-1951SeattleWA
Rosellinni, Dr. Leo, Clinic, Seattle, WASeattleWA
San Juan International Camps, Main Lodge, Sperry Peninsula, Lopez Island, WA 1946-1946Lopez IslandWA
Schueler, Lawrence A. and Frances R., House, Port Angeles, WA1947Port AngelesWA
Tacoma-Pierce County Blood Bank, Incorporated, Tacoma, WA1951TacomaWA
Tavernite House, Seattle, WASeattleWA
University of Washington, Seattle (UW), Burke, Thomas, Memorial Washington State Museum #1, Seattle, WA 1962SeattleWA
University of Washington, Seattle (UW), Staff Employment Building, Seattle, WA1948SeattleWA
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