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Male, US, born 1863-04-16, died 1930-24-08

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Curlett, Eisen, and Cuthbertson, Architects; Hebbard and Gill, Architects; Hebbard, William Sterling, Architect; Reid Brothers, Architects

Professional History


Draftsman, Burnham and Root, Architects, Chicago, IL, 1887-1888. Hebbard worked on the firm's spectacular, 11-story Rookery Building [1886-1888], Chicago, IL.

Draftsman, Curlett, Eisen and Cuthbertson, Architects, Los Angeles, CA, 1888-1890. Hebbard entered the Curlett, Eisen and Cuthbertson office when it was working on the exceptional Richardsonian Romanesque Los Angeles County Courthouse #3 [1887-1891].

Architect, Reid Brothers, Architects, San Diego, CA, 1891-c. 1892; (Hebbard worked with Watson Elkinah Reid [1857-1943] in San Diego, when elder brothers James Reid [1852-1943] and Merritt Reid [1855-1932] gradually moved the firm's headquarters north to San Francisco, CA, between 1889-1891. Hebbard "...took over their San Diego projects when that firm moved to San Francisco ca. 1892-3." (See Southern California Architectural History, "Irving Gill, Homer Laughlin and the Beginnings of Modern Architecture in Los Angeles, Part I: 1893-1911," accessed 10/28/2015.) Kathleen Flanigan, in her article on Hebbard, stated: "On March 19, 1891, Hebbard became an associate with the Reid Brothers in the First National Bank Building. In May of the same year, Hebbard became the successor to the Reid Brothers’ business when they left to establish an architectural firm in San Francisco. With the inheritance of this firm, Hebbard superintended the completion of the Keating residence in San Diego, the K.H. Wade residence in Coronado and the erection of the Fisher Opera House on Fifth Street in San Diego." (See Kathleen Flanigan, "William Sterling Hebbard," Journal of San Diego History, vol. 33, no. 1, Winter 1987.)

Principal, W.S. Hebbard, Architect, Los Angeles, CA, 1892. (See Los Angeles, California, City Directory, 1892, p. 885.) As of 01/01/1891, Hebbard worked in Room #20 of the Kuhn Building in San Diego. His firmoperated in Rooms #9 and 10 of the 1st National Bank Building in San Diego in 1893-1894. (See San Diego, California, City Directory, 1893-1894, p. 264.) He was only one of four architects listed in the city directory of 1893-1894, the others being E.F. Kirby, John A. Kooken, and J.B. Stannard.

Partner, Hebbard and [Irving J.] Gill, Architects, San Diego, CA, 1896-1907.

Principal, William S. Hebbard, Architect, San Diego, CA, 1907-1917. During this time, Hebbard occupied office space in the Grant Building in San Diego.

Hebbard did service during World War I in the Army Transport Service (formed in 1898), a naval branch of the US Army, part of its Quartermaster Corps. Hebbard worked as a naval architect until 1922, when the military underwent large-scale force reductions.



B.Arch., Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 1887; Hebbard worked with Professors Charles Babcock (1829–1913) and Charles Osborne (d. 1913).



Hebbard attended Cornell University, Ithaca, NY in 1887, and he immediately moved to find work in Chicago, IL. He stayed here about one year before he relocated to Los Angeles, CA, where he stayed until 1890. He lived in Pasadena, CA, while he worked in Los Angeles in 1890.

Having landed reliable work with the Cable Railway Company in San Diego, CA, he decided to open his own practice there. In 1894, he lived at 1827 3rd Avenue in San Diego. (See San Diego City Directory, 1894, p. 94.)

Hebbard died on 08/24/1930.

Biographical Notes

Known as "Will" Hebbard.

Hebbard was a founding member of the University Club of San Diego, founded in 1908, and became its President in 1911. (See Clarence Alan McGrew, City of San Diego and San Diego County: The Birthplace of California, Volume I, [Chicago and New York: American Historical Society, 1922], p. 348.)

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  • Milford, MI (Architect's Birth)
    Milford, MI

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  • Coronado Beach, Coronado, CA (Architect's Death)
    Coronado Beach, Coronado, CA

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PCAD id: 483

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