1505 5th Avenue, Seattle, WA 1) PCAD 4.0 Screenshot: Map of sites associated with an architect 215 Columbia Street, Seattle, WA 2611 42nd Avenue West House 2) PCAD 4.0 Screenshot: Interactive visualization of professional network 520 Pike Tower, Seattle, WA Academy Theatre, Inglewood, CA Adamson, Merritt Huntley and Rhoda Rindge Adamson, House, Malibu, CA Adamson, Merritt Huntley and Rhoda Rindge Adamson, House, Malibu, CA Advertisement by Mills and Randall in the 1888 Seattle City Directory, p. 41 Advertisement (detail) for the German Savings and Loan Society Building #1, 526 California Street, San Francisco, 1891; from the Los Angeles, California, City Directory, 1891, p. 702 Advertisement for A.C. Brandt, Building Contractor, Pasadena, 1909; from the Pasadena, CA, City Directory, 1909, np. Advertisement for A.H. Andrews Company theatre seating, Chicago, IL, 1903. From A.H. Andrews Company ad, Iroquois Theatre Souvenir Programme, Dedicatory Performance, November 23, 1903, (Chicago: Iroquois Theatre, 1903), p. 98 Advertisement for architect Edwin Houghton, 1907; from R.L. Polk and Company's Seattle City Directory, 1900, p. 39 Advertisement for August Tidemand, Architect, Seattle, 1895; from R.L. Polk's Seattle, Washington, City Directory, 1895-96, p. 818 Advertisement for a Velocipede and Skating School held at Platt's Hall, San Francisco, 1869; from the San Francisco Chronicle, 02/10/1869, p.4. Advertisement for Caleb Hyatt, Architect, San Francisco, 1861. From the San Francisco California City Directory 1861, p. 519 Advertisement for California Theatre #2, San Francisco, CA, 1890. From “New California Theatre,” Daily Alta California, vol. LXXXII, no. 153, 06/02/1890, p. 1 Advertisement for Capitain and Burton, Architects, Los Angeles, CA, 1888. From Corran's Classified Business Directory of Los Angeles for the Year Commencing August 1, 1888, p. 770 Advertisement for Carrol H. Brown, Los Angeles, 1893; from the Los Angeles City Directory, 1893, p. 856 Advertisement for Carter's Bloxonend Flooring, 1922; from Factory, vol. XXIX, no. 3, 09/1922, p. 264 Advertisement for Charles A. Robert, Architect and Superintendent, Portland, OR, 1892. From Polk's Portland, Oregon City Directory, 1892, p. 814 Advertisement for Charles L. Bugbee, Architect, 1878; from the Russian River Flag, [Healdsburg, CA]. vol. 10, no. 36, 07/11/1878, p. 1 Advertisement for Clune's Broadway Theatre, Los Angeles, 1913; from "Clune's Broadway Theatre Ad," Los Angeles Herald, 03/11/1913, p. 2 Advertisement for Comstock and Trotsche, Architects, San Diego, 1887; from "Comstock and Trotsche ad," Coronado Evening Mercury, 07/08/1887, p. 3
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