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Male, US, born 1930-03-07, died 2019-12-12

Associated with the firms network

Kirk, Paul Hayden, FAIA and Associates; Kirk, Wallace, McKinley AIA and Associates, Architects; Mahlum and Nordfors McKinley Gordon, Architects; McKinley / Gerron Architects; McKinley Architects, PSC; McKinley Gordon, Architects

Professional History


Designer, Paul Hayden Kirk, AIA, Seattle, WA, 1956-1958.

Designer, Paul Hayden Kirk, FAIA and Associates, Seattle, WA.

Partner, Kirk, Wallace McKinley and Associates, Seattle, WA, 1960-c. 1980.

Partner, The McKinley Architects, Seattle, WA, c. 1980.

Partner, McKinley Gordon Architects, Seattle, WA, c. 1983-1993.

Partner, Mahlum and Nordfors McKinley Gordon, Architects, Seattle, WA, 1993-1998.

Professional Activities

Member, American Institute of Architects (AIA), 1950- .

Secretary, Seattle Chapter, AIA, Seattle Chapter, 1961.

McKinley became a Registered Architect in WA, 1962.

Vice-President, AIA, Seattle Chapter, 1965.

He and his wife, Jeannette, donated money to the College of Architecture and Urban Planning in 1992 to fund the "Jeannette and David McKinley Endowment for the Design of Future Architectural Environments in 1992. This money has been used to fund yearly interdisciplinary design studio courses.

They followed this donation up with another in 2014, that resulted in a glass-walled studio space located on the first floor of the Gould Pavilion.

Professional Awards

Fellow, American Institute of Architects (FAIA), 1974.

Recipient, AIA, Seattle Chapter, Gold Medal for Distinguished Lifetime of Achievement in Architecture, 1999.



B.Arch., University of Washington, Seattle (UW), Seattle, WA, 1953.

Professional Awards

Fellow, American Institute of Architects (FAIA).



McKinley passed away at Hospice Maui, 400 Mahalani Street, Wailuku, HI, on 12/12/2019. (See "David A. McKinley, Wailea, HI," Seattle Times, 01/05/2020. p. B5.)


He wed Jeannette McKinley.


David A. McKinley had four children: three daughters, Laurie, Diana, and Teri and a son, Timothy.

In an August 1962 article in Architectural Forum, McKinley was said to share design responsibilities within the firm with Paul Hayden Kirk. (p. 103)

PCAD id: 1643

1 Bellevue Center, Downtown, Bellevue, WA1982-1983BellevueWA
1111 3rd Avenue Office Building, Seattle, WA1980SeattleWA
1st Church of Christ, Scientist, Edmonds, WA1968-1969EdmondsWA
1st Interstate Center, Seattle, WA1983-1984SeattleWA
2603 3rd Avenue Office Building, Rite Aid Drugstore, Downtown, Seattle, WASeattleWA
Bainbridge Island Guest House, Bainbridge Island, WABainbridge IslandWA
Bloedel Reserve, Guest House, Bainbridge Island, WA1960-1961Bainbridge IslandWA
Central Washington State College (CWSC), Michaelson Hall, Ellensburg, WA1968-1969EllensburgWA
Central Washington State College (CWSC), Randall Hall, Ellensburg, WA1968-1969
Church of the Good Shepherd, Bellevue, WA1964BellevueWA
City of Seattle, Public Library (SPL), Branch #3, Magnolia, Seattle, WA1963-1964SeattleWA
Evergreen State College, Campus Activities Building (CAB), Olympia, WA1972OlympiaWA
Group Health Cooperative, Clinic, Northgate, Seattle, WA1956SeattleWA
Group Health Cooperative, Clinic, Renton, WARentonWA
International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation, Office Building, Spokane, WA1965SpokaneWA
Japanese Presbyterian Church, Seattle, WA1964SeattleWA
Jefferson Terrace Elderly Housing, Seattle, WA1967SeattleWA
Kirk, Wallace, McKinley and Associates Architects, Office #2, Eastlake, Seattle, WA1960-1961SeattleWA
Kruse Woods Athletic Club, Lake Oswego, OR1997Lake OswegoOR
Lake Washington School District #414, Bell, Alexander Graham, Elementary School, Kirkland, WA1967KirklandWA
McKinley House, Venice, Los Angeles, CA1999-2000Los AngelesCA
McKinley, David, House, Bainbridge Island, WA1955Bainbridge IslandWA
Ontario-Montclair School District, Imperial Junior High School, Ontario, CAOntarioCA
Physio-Control Corporation Headquarters, Redmond, WARedmondWA
Puget Sound Mutual Savings Bank, Branch, Ballard, Seattle, WA1975SeattleWA
Sacred Heart Medical Center, Spokane, WASpokaneWA
Seattle Housing Authority, Center Park, Rainier Valley, Seattle, WA1968-1969SeattleWA
Seattle World's Fair, Fine Arts Pavilion, Seattle, WA1961-1962SeattleWA
Seattle World's Fair, Mercer Street Parking Garage, Lower Queen Anne, Seattle, WA1961-1962SeattleWA
Seattle World's Fair, Playhouse, Seattle, WA1961-1962SeattleWA
Seattle World's Fair, Resident Theatre, Seattle, WA1961-1962SeattleWA
Skilling House, Seattle, WASeattleWA
Symetra Financial Center, Bellevue, WABellevueWA
United Control Corporation, Factory
University Unitarian Church #2, Northeast Seattle, Seattle, WA1958-1959SeattleWA
University of Washington, Seattle (UW), Balmer, Thomas, Hall, Seattle, WA 1961-1962SeattleWA
University of Washington, Seattle (UW), Central Plaza and Parking Garage, Seattle, WA1969-1970SeattleWA
University of Washington, Seattle (UW), Faculty Club #2, Seattle, WA1958-1960SeattleWA
University of Washington, Seattle (UW), Gates, William H., Sr., Hall, Seattle, WA2003SeattleWA
University of Washington, Seattle (UW), Mackenzie, Donald, Hall, Seattle, WA 1958-1960SeattleWA
University of Washington, Seattle (UW), Meany, Edmond S., Hall #2, Seattle, WA1974SeattleWA
University of Washington, Seattle (UW), Residence Hall Unit #3, Seattle, WA1963SeattleWA
University of Washington, Seattle (UW), Undergraduate Library, Seattle, WA1972SeattleWA
Washington Mutual Savings Bank, Tower #1, Downtown, Seattle, WA1985-1988SeattleWA
Washington State University (WSU), French, Charles Clement, Administration Building, Pullman, WA1966-1967PullmanWA
Wayside Congregational Church, Chapel, Federal Way, WAFederal WayWA
West Seattle Congregational Church, West Seattle, Seattle, WA1959-1960SeattleWA
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