Structure Type: built works - industrial buildings - factories

Designers: Cawdrey and Vemo, Incorporated, General Contractors (firm); Kirk, Wallace, McKinley AIA and Associates, Architects (firm); Sparling, Thomas E. and Associates, Electrical Engineers (firm); Stern and Towne, Mechanical Engineers (firm); Svennson, William M., Architect (firm); Worthington, Skilling, Helle and Jackson, Structural Engineers (firm); James William Cawdrey (building contractor); Jerry Geyer (architect); Helge Joel Helle (structural engineer); Joseph F. Jackson (structural engineer); Paul Hayden Kirk (architect); David A. McKinley Jr. (architect); John Bower Skilling (structural engineer); Thomas E. Sparling Sr. (electrical engineer); Richard M. Stern (architect); William G. Teufel (landscape architect); Robin M. Towne (mechanical engineer); Bjarne Vemo (building contractor); Donald Sheridan Wallace (architect); Harold L. Worthington (structural engineer)

Dates: [unspecified]

Kirk, Wallace, McKinley and Associates created a striking roof structure of hyperbolic paraboloids for this low-cost industrial facility; the factory cost $2 million, approximately 90 cents per square foot; the design team also included: Worthington, Skilling, Helle and Jackson, Structural Engineer, Stern and Towne, Mechanical Engineer, Thomas E. Sparling, Electrical Engineer, William Tufel, Landscape Architect, and Cawdrey and Vemo, General Constractor;

The United Control Corporation Factory dated c. 1960.

PCAD id: 6415