Male, US, born 1916-09-13

Associated with the firms network

Flewelling, Ralph C., FAIA, Architect; Kanner and Mayer, Architects; Loewy, Raymond, and Associates; Williams, Paul R., AIA

Professional History

Designer, Paul R. Williams, AIA, Los Angeles, CA, 1937-1939; Architect, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 1940-1945; Designer, Ralph C. Flewelling, FAIA, Los Angeles, CA, 1940; Designer, Harold J. Bissner, Los Angeles, CA, 1941; Designer, Raymond Loewy Associates, Los Angeles, 1945-1946; Associate, I. Herman Kanner, AIA, Robert J. Mayer, AIA, Associate, 1948-1953; Associate, Kanner Architects, Los Angeles, CA, c. 1953-1959; Partner, Mayer and Kanner, Architects, Los Angeles, CA, 1959-1970; Principal, Robert J. Mayer, Architect, Santa Monica, CA, 1971-1998. The first office was located at 130 Marguerita Avenue, Suite #2, Santa Monica. Between at least 1981-1984, the office was located at 2919 1/2 Main Street, Santa Monica. Mayer also incorporated his firm in FL c. 1981-1985. Perhaps for tax purposes, he also incorporated in the States of CT (1982-1988), PA (1982-1986), GA (1983-1986), LA (1983, inactive) and OK (1984, inactive).

Registered architect in AZ, CA in 1956; NCARB certified; President, Westwood Lodge Number 1565, B'nai Brith, Westwood, Los Angeles, CA, 1953; Vice-President, Vista Del Mar Child Care Center Mens Association, 1954; member, American Institute of Architects, Southern California Chapter;

Genis Offices, Award of Merit, American Institute of Architects (AIA), Southern California Chapter, 1954; Hanley-Howard Building, Beverly Hills, CA, Award of Merit, AIA, Southern California Chapter, 1954.


B.Arch., University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, CA, 1940;

Cum Laude, University of Southern California; awarded Phi Kappa Phi Award for Travel in Europe, 1940;


In 1981, Mayer and his wife lived at 4435 Alla Road #3, Marina Del Rey, CA.

Mayer married in 1946. In 1981, he was married to Mildred L. Mayer.

When surveyed in 1955, Mayer reported having had 2 children.

Associated Locations

  • New York, NY (Architect's Birth)
    New York, NY

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