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Ralph Carlin Flewelling, Robert J. Mayer, Donald E. Neptune

Active 1941-c. 1946

Firm Notes

Based in Los Angeles, Flewelling operated his firm as "Ralph C. Flewelling, Architect," from 1925-1941. Flewelling became a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects in 1941 and therefore added the "FAIA" in his firm title after this time. The firm became "Ralph C. Flewelling and Associates" c.1946 or 1947, and was called "Flewelling and Moody" from about 1947 through 1961, when it became "Flewelling, Moody and Horn" for a short time after 1961.

Some sources, such as the firm Flewelling and Moody's website (2005), indicated that the firm originated in 1928; the American Architects Directory, 1956, indicated that Flewelling started a private practice in 1925 (p. 175).

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