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Male, US, born 1905, died 1986

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Mortenson, M.A., Construction Company

Professional History

Founder/President, M.A. Mortenson and Company, Building Contractors. Minneapolis, MN, 1954-1970.


His wife was Jennie Mortenson. Mortenson said of his wife's assistance in setting up their company: "This wouldn’t even have happened if it weren’t for my wife Jennie. She signed up, without pay, to be the telephone operator, stenographer, payroll clerk, bookkeeper, and chief morale builder for my little company. Yes, with Jennie’s help and encouragement, I thought we would be okay." (See "Our Story,"Accessed 02/26/2014.)

His son, M.A. Mortenson, Jr., became Chairman of the Board of M.A. Mortenson Construction in 1969.

Mortenson founded this large construction company on 04/01/1954.

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