Structure Type: built works - public buildings - schools - high schools

Designers: Burr Lawrence Rising + Bates, Architect (firm); Mortenson, M.A., Construction Company (firm); Thomas Bates (architect); Donald Frederick Burr (architect); Jerry Lawrence (architect); Morton A. Mortenson Sr. (building contractor); Paul Rising (architect)

Dates: constructed 1995-1997

Architects Burr Lawrence Rising + Bates designed a split-level plan comprising 191,000 square feet, in which 1400 students would study. The split-level design was chosen to minimize the building form's above-ground, making it look less massive. Construction on Issaquah High School #4 began in June 1995 and was scheduled to finish September 1997. It was the fourth most expensive public building in Washington in 1995, coming in at $31.6 million.

PCAD id: 6206