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Male, US, born 1911-08-23, died 2000-07-26

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Bassetti and Morse, Architects; Bassetti, Morse and Aitken, Architects; Bassetti, Morse and Tatom, Architects; Morse, John M., Architect; Morse, John M., and Associates, Architects; Stoddard, George W., Architect

Professional History


School teacher, Loomis, MA, c. 1934-1937; Morse's work history is complicated; resources do not agree on the times and places of his employment before 1947.

The American Architects Directory, 1962, (New York: R.R. Bowker, 1962), indicated the following: "Designer, Walter F. Bogner, Architect, Cambridge, MA, 1940; Designer, Kastner and Hibben, Architects, 1941; Principal, John M. Morse, Architect, Seattle, WA, 1945-1947";

Duane Dietz, Architects and Landscape Architects of Seattle, 1876-1959, (Typescript, 1994) indicated the following: "Designer, Passive Defense Project, Brighton, MA, 1940-1941; Designer, C.B. Ross, Architect, Washington, D.C., 1941-1942; Designer, George W. Stoddard, Architect, Seattle, WA, 1943; Architect, Boeing Company, 1943-1945, Designer, Chiarelli and Kirk, Architects, 1945-1946; Partner, Bassetti and Morse, Architects, Seattle, WA, 1947-1955."

Other sources have indicated that Morse worked in the following firms at the following times: Construction Superintendent, C.B. Ross Company, 1941-1942; Partner, Bassetti and Morse, Architects, Seattle, WA, 01/1947-1961; Partner, Bassetti, Morse and Tatom, Architects, Honolulu, HI, c. 1961; Principal, John Moore Morse and Associates, Seattle, WA, 1962- .

Professional Activities

Morse joined the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in 1947.

Treasurer, AIA, Seattle Chapter, 1952-1953. President, AIA, Seattle Chapter, 1960-1961.

Member, AIA Seattle, Institutions Committee, Schools and Educational Facilities, 1956-1959.

Member, Nominating Committee, AIA, Seattle Chapter, 1961-1962.

Member, Resolutions Committee, AIA, Seattle Chapter, 1961- .

In 1962, Morse reported being a Registered Architect in the States of AK, HI, OR, and WA and being NCARB Certified.

Member, Civic Unity Committee, Seattle, WA, 1959-at least 1962.

Professional Awards

Fellow, American Institute of Architects (FAIA), 1968;

Recipient, American Institute of Architects (AIA), Seattle Chapter, Seattle Medal, 1996.


High School/College

Graduate, Milton Academy, Milton, MA, c. 1930; A.B., Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, 1934; B.Arch., Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, 1940.



Jack Morse was born in Brookline, MA, and spent his early years in that state. In 1929, his family resided at 356 Walnut Street, Brookline, MA. He attended preparatory school in Milton, MA, before attending undergraduate school at Harvard University, Cambridge. MA, for four years (1930-1934). He taught school for three years in Loomis, MA, before returning to the Harvard Graduate School of Design c. 1938. Morse received a deferment from service in World War II, and worked in various positions in Boston, MA, before coming to Seattle, WA, in 1943. Here he worked for George Whitney Stoddard, Architect (1943), and the Boeing Company until war's end. He partnered with Harvard classmate, Fred Bassetti (born 1917), in a celebrated Seattle architectural partnership between 1947-1962.

Morse's last residence was in the 98115 zip code (northeast) of Seattle, WA; he died just shy of his 89th birthday at Virginia Mason Hospital, Seattle.


His father was Arthur M. Morse (b. 11/26/1873 in Worcester, MA).


He married Emily Hall Morse.

Biographical Notes

He was nicknamed "Jack" Morse.

In 1929, he and his father traveled aboard the Cunard liner R.M.S. Laconia from Liverpool, UK, to New York, NY. They left Liverpool on 09/07/1929 and arrived in New York on 09/15/1929. (See, Source Citation, The National Archives at Washington, D.C.; Washington, D.C.; Series Title: Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at Boston, Massachusetts, 1891-1943; NAI Number: 4319742; Record Group Title: Records of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, 1787-2004; Record Group Number: 85,accessed 12/21/2015.)

In 1962, Morse indicated that there was an office of Bassetti and Morse in Honolulu, HI, with the partners, Bassetti, Morse and Tatom. SSN: 018-16-7902.

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    Brookline, MA

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  • Seattle , WA (Architect's Death)
    Seattle , WA

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PCAD id: 1622

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