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Angela V. Danadjieva, Richard Haag, Lawrence Halprin, Peter J. Walker


PCAD id: 1062

1st Interstate Bank, World Center, Downtown, Los Angeles, CA1988-1990Los AngelesCA
Bank of America, World Headquarters Building, 555 California Street, San Francisco, CA1967-1969San FranciscoCA
Bissinger House, Woodside, CAWoodsideCA
City of Denver, Parks and Recreation Department, Skyline Park, Denver, CO1973DenverCO
City of Mill Valley, Public Library, Main Library #2, Mill Valley, CA1964Mill ValleyCA
City of Seattle, Parks and Recreation Department, Freeway Park, Seattle, WA1971-1976SeattleWA
Coleman House, Marin County, CAMarin CountyCA
Crocker Center, Atrium, Bunker Hill, Downtown, Los Angeles, CA1981-1983Los AngelesCA
Crocker Center, Crocker Bank Tower, Bunker Hill, Downtown, Los Angeles, CA1981-1983Los AngelesCA
Crocker Center, KPMG Tower, Bunker Hill, Downtown, Los Angeles, CA1981-1983Los AngelesCA
Del Monte Center, Monterey, CAMontereyCA
Eisler House, Marin County, CAMarinCA
Embarcadero Center, Master Plan, San Francisco, CA1969-1974San FranciscoCA
Fairmont Hotel, Nob Hill, San Francisco, CA1902-1907San FranciscoCA
Ghirardelli, Domenico and Son, Chocolate Company, Factory #3, San Francisco, CA1896-1898San FranciscoCA
Halprin House and Garden, Kent Woodlands, CAKentfieldCA
Levi Strauss and Company, Headquarters, Embarcadero, San Francisco, CASan FranciscoCA
Levin House, Marin County, CAMarin CountyCA
Matzinger, Merrill, House, Bevedere, CA1962BelvedereCA
McIntyre House and Garden, Hillsborough, CAHillsboroughCA
Monterey Traffic Tunnel, Monterey, CAMontereyCA
Pischel House, San Francisco, CASan FranciscoCA
Schuman, Isadore and Ida, House, Woodside, CA1949WoodsideCA
Sea Ranch Association, Development, Sea Ranch, CA1964-1965Sea RanchCA
Seattle World's Fair, Master Plan, Queen Anne, Seattle, WA1959-1962SeattleWA
Seminary South Shopping Center, Fort Worth, TX
Stanford Medical Plaza, Stanford, CA1959StanfordCA
United States Government, Department of State, Consulate Office Building, Hong Kong, China1958Hong Kong
University of California, Berkeley (UCB), Alumni House, Berkeley, CA1952-1953BerkeleyCA
University of California, Berkeley (UCB), Student Center, Commons Building, Berkeley, CA1960BerkeleyCA
University of California, Berkeley (UCB), Student Center, Union Building, Berkeley, CA1959-1960BerkeleyCA
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