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Male, US, born 1883-08-16, died 1946-11-16

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Marston and Maybury, Architects; Marston and Van Pelt, Architects; Marston, Sylvanus B., Architect; Marston, Van Pelt and Maybury, Architects

Professional History


Principal, Sylvanus B. Marston, Architect, Pasadena, CA, -1912. In 1912, Marston leased Room #602 of the Chamber of Commerce Building in Pasadena. Four other archtects had space in this office block at that time: C.F. Driscoll (Room #500), J. Constantine Hillman (Room #444), G. Corwin Keyes (Room #304) and Wagner and Gallagher (Room #641). (See Thurston's Pasadena, California, City Directory, 1912,p. 430.)

Partner, Marston and Van Pelt, Architects, Pasaderna, CA, 1913- .

Partner, Marston, Van Pelt and Maybury, Architects, Pasadena, CA.

Partner, Marston and Maybury, Architects, Pasadena, CA, 1927-c. 1942.

Professional Activities

Marston received his architectural certification in California, in 01/1908.

Member, American Institute of Architects (AIA), 1916.

President, AIA, Southern California Chapter, 1940-1942.

Chairman, Pasadena City Planning Association.

Professional Awards

Marston and Van Pelt received AIA Southern California Chapter Honor Awards for the Arcade Building, Pasadena, CA, and the Garford House, Pasadena, CA, 04/1920.

Fellow, American Institute of Architects (FAIA), 1942.


Graduate, Pasadena High School, Pasadena, CA, c. 1901; 2 years coursework, Pomona College, Pomona, CA, 1901-1903; B.Arch., Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 1907; at Cornell, Marston belonged to Masque and the Delta Phi Fraternity;

Graduated with High Honors at Cornell University, 1907.



Marston was born in Oakland, CA. His family relocated to Pasadena in the 1890s.

In 1943, Sylvanus and Edith Marston lived at a residence at 560 East California Boulevard in Pasadena. (See Pasadena, California, City Directory, 1943, p. 430.)

Sylvanus Marston died in Los Angeles County, CA at the age of 63.


His mother's maiden name was Palmer; his father was the San Francisco architect and engineer, P.E. Marston.


He married Edith Hatfield Marston, (b. 06/09/1882 in MO- d. 09/06/1975 in Los Angeles County, CA), in 1910.


He and Edith had a son, Keith Palmer Marston.

Biographical Notes

Marston's nicknames were "Van" or "Sy."

SSN: 561-22-1294.

Associated Locations

  • Oakland, CA (Architect's Birth)
    Oakland, CA

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  • Pasadena, CA (Architect's Office)
    25 South Euclid Street
    Pasadena, CA

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PCAD id: 171

1011 South Madison Avenue House, Oak Knoll, Pasadena, CA1910PasadenaCA
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Alhambra Unified School District, Keppel, Mark, High School, Alhambra, CA1938-1940AlhambraCA
American Legion, Hall, Pasadena, CA1923-1924PasadenaCA
Arcade Building #2, Pasadena, CAPasadenaCA
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