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Male, US, born 1923-10-23, died 2018-05-09

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Haag, Richard, Associates, Incorporated, Site Planners, Landscape Architects; Halprin, Lawrence and Associates, Landscape Architects; Kiley, Dan, Landscape Architect; Osmundson and Staley, Landscape Architects

Professional History


Landscape Designer, Dan Kiley, Landscape Architect, Charlotte, VT.

Landscape Designer, Osmundson and Staley, San Francisco, CA.

Landscape Designer, Lawrence Halprin, Landscape Architect, San Francisco, CA, 1956; Haag worked for Halprin for about six months before opening his own practice.

Principal, Richard Haag, Landscape Architect, San Francisco, CA, c. 1957-1958.

Principal, Richard Haag, Landscape Architect, Seattle, WA; by 2015, Haag had designed more than 20 gardens for private clients in China.


Assistant/Associate/Professor, University of Washington, Seattle, 1958- ; Haag founded the Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 1963;

Professor Emeritus, University of Washington, Seattle, WA.

Professional Service

Haag belonged to the Executive Board of the Friends of the Market preservation group before 1963.

Professional Awards

Recipient, Fulbright Scholarship, Study in Japan, c. 1954.

Fellow, American Society of Landscape Architects (FASLA).

Honorary Member, American Institute of Architects (AIA), 1981.

Recipient, American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), Presidents Award for Design Excellence for Gas Works Park, Seattle, WA.

Recipient, ASLA, Presidents Award for Design Excellence for The Sequence of Gardens at Bloedel Reserve, Bainbridge Island, WA, 1986.

Resident Scholar, American Academy, Rome, Italy, 1998.

Recipient, American Society of Landscape Architects, ASLA Medal, 2003.


Richard Haag's papers, were donated to the University of Washington Libraries, Department of Special Collections by Richard Haag, Richard Haag Associates and Cheryl Trivison between 1993-2005. (A "Preliminary Guide to the Richard Haag Associates Records 1956-2004," exists online atAccessed 05/26/2011.)

Slides photographed by Haag were donated to the Visual Resources Collection of the College of Built Environments (CBE).Many of the books from Haag's library were donated in 2017 to the Built Environments Library at the University of Washington.



B.L.A., University of California, Berkeley (UCB), Berkeley, CA, 1950.

Master's of Landscape Architecture (M.L.A.), Graduate School of Design, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, 1952.

College Awards

Haag was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship for study in Japan, for two years, during 1953 -1955; Haag learned of the Fulbright Program from Lester Albertson Collins (1914-1993), who served as Dean of the Landscape Architecture Department at Harvard University from 1950-1953. Just before World War II, Collins had traveled throughout the Far East with a friend, John Ormsbee Simonds (1913-2005), whom he had met while getting a Master's degree in Landscape Architecture at Harvard in the late 1930s. Presumably, Collins had felt enriched by his Far East travel, and thought that Haag would find it enlightening. Haag has said the experience in Japan "transformed his life," opening his mind toward another fundamental attitude toward nature; thereafter, he strived for his work to be "in balance with nature, a part of it, not in a superior position" to it. While in Japan, Haag toured various sites with Harvard Dean of Architecture, Walter Gropius (1883-1969). (See "Following Fulbright: a Conversation with Richard Haag and Samuel Shepherd," conversation sponsored by the UW Japan Studies Program and the College of Built Environments, University of Washington, Seattle, 03/11/2013.)



Haag lived in Jeffersontown, KY, for the first years of his life. He moved to Berkeley, CA, to attend undergraduate school and moved to Cambridge, MA, to attend graduate school at Harvard. After college, he spent two years in Japan, before returning to the Bay Area to live and work. He remained here until 1958, when he moved to Seattle, to become a professor.

Haag built a new residence for himself and his wife in 2006.

He moved to Southern CA in 2017, where he passed away in May of the following year.


His father was R.L. Haag, a nurseryman living in Jeffersontown, KY, in 1927. His father was Vice-President of the Kentucky Nurseryman's Association in that year.


Haag married four times.

Richard Haag married Cheryl Jean Trivison (born c. 1945) on 09/12/1986.

Biographical Notes

As a youth, Richard Haag was a prodigy who could name many varieties of trees and shrubs and perform plant grafts at 4 years of age; a nurseryman, William A. Natorp, said of little Richard at this time: "The boy has surprised nurseryman by his uncanny knowledge and skill--his conversation on technical tree matters is like that of a matured nurseryman." (See "Kentucky Boy, 4, Attains Fame as Tree-Grafter," newspaper article in unknown newspaper, collection of Richard Haag)

Haag traveled to Sweden in the summer of 1963 to as a delegate to a conference in Stockholm; while in Sweden, Haag was deeply impressed with the Woodland Cemetery by Erik Gunnar Asplund (1885-1940).

PCAD id: 1620

Battelle Memorial Institute, Master Plan, Seattle, WA1967SeattleWA
Battelle Memorial Institute, Research Center, Laurelhurst, Seattle, WA1965-1971SeattleWA
Bernal Property Public Development, Pleasanton, CA2004PleasontonCA
Bloedel Reserve, Bainbridge Island, WA1954-1985Bainbridge IslandWA
Bloedel Reserve, Garden of Planes, Bainbridge Island, WA1964Bainbridge IslandWA
Central Washington College of Education, Library #2, Ellensburg, WA1960-1961EllensburgWA
Central Washington State College (CWSC), Randall Hall, Ellensburg, WA1968-1969
Central Washington State College, Hitchcock Hall, Ellensburg, WA1965-1966EllensburgWA
Central Washington State College, Michaelson Hall, Ellensburg, WA1968-1969EllensburgWA
Chow, Ruby, Park, Georgetown, Seattle, WASeattleWA
City of Seattle, Parks and Recreation Department, Gas Works Park, Wallingford, Seattle, WA1971-1988SeattleWA
City of Seattle, Parks and Recreation Department, Market Park, Downtown, Seattle, WA1981-1982SeattleWA
City of Seattle, Parks and Recreation Department, Viewpoint Park, Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA1975SeattleWA
City of Seattle, Public Library (SPL), Branch #3, Magnolia, Seattle, WA1963-1964SeattleWA
Dux, Incorporated, Factory and Office Building, Burlingame, CA1959BurlingameCA
Frye Art Museum, First Hill, Seattle, WA1952SeattleWA
Grace Lutheran Church, Bellevue, WA1963-1964BellevueWA
Harborview Medical Center, View Park and Parking Garage, Seattle, WA1974SeattleWA
Johnson, Dr. Richard and Shirley, House, Bellevue, WA1962BellevueWA
KIRO Radio and TV Station #2, Belltown, Seattle, WA1965SeattleWA
Reichert, Robert, House, Queen Anne, Seattle, WASeattleWA
Seattle Gas Company, Oil-Gas Plant, Exhauster/Compressor Building, Brown's Point, Seattle, WA1937SeattleWA
Seattle Gas Light Company, Gas Plant, Brown's Point, Seattle, WA1906-1907
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United States Government, Federal Office Building #3, Downtown, Seattle, WA1971-1974SeattleWA
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