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Fellowship of State Voiced
Los Angeles Times
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This article described the luncheon that was held by the Southern California Chapter of the American Institute of Architects for the San Francisco Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the California State Board of Architecture. Numerous speeches by practitioners from around the state were made; architect, Theodore Eisen, served as toastmaster. Speeches included: "The City of Los Angeles," by Mayor George Alexander; "California," by Joseph Scott, President of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, "The State Board," by William Curlett, Architect, President of the State of California Architects' Board, Northern Division; "The American Institute," by William S. Eames, former President of the AIA; "The San Francisco Chapter," by William Mooser, President of the AIA, San Francisco Chapter; "The Architectural League," by A.F. Rosenheim, President of the AIA, Southern California Chapter and President of the Architectural League of the Pacific Coast; "Architectural Engineering," by John P. Krempel, President of the State of California Architects Board, Southern Division; "What We Know about Architecture," Lionel Dean, Secretary of the State of California Architects Board, Northern Division; "Upper Currents," Octavius Morgan [Sr.], Member, California Architects Board; "East Lake Architecture: Our Grandsire," J.C. Newsom, Member, California Architects Board; "House and Home," Sumner P. Hunt, Member, California Architects Board; "The Panama Exposition," by Sylvain Schnaittacher and W.S. Hebbard, Members, California Architects Board; "San Francisco," Clarence W. Ward, Member, California Architects Board; "The Poetry of Architecture," Frederick Roehrig, Secretary, California Architects Board, Southern District;
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