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Architects from Distant Lands Feted by Their Craftsmen at the Cliff House
San Francisco Examiner
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The San Francisco Chapter of the American Institute of Architects held a luncheon to honor foreign and East Coast architects serving on the jury of the Phoebe A. Hearst Architectural Plan for the University of California (1899). The foreign architects included Englishman Richard Norman Shaw (1831-1912), Englishman John Belcher (1841-1913), Frenchman Jean-Louis Pascal (1837-1920), and German Johann Paul Wallot (1841-1912). American architects included New Yorker John Mervin Carrère (1858-1911), New Yorker Walter Cook (1846-1916) and Washingtonian Paul B. Tuzo (1867-1953). Two other non-architects on the jury were James C. Hooe (d. 12/1910), who worked as the the private secretary to Phoebe Apperson Hearst and San Francisco lawyer political operative Jacob Bert Reinstein (1853–1911), who served as the Chairman of the Committee of the Phoebe A. Hearst Architectural Plan for the University of California. All except for Shaw were present for this luncheon.

San Francisco architect who attended included: Seth P. Babson (1830-1907), Hermann A. Barth (1865-1923), Walter D. Bliss (1872-1956), Bernard J.S. Cahill (1866-1944), John M. Curtis (1852-1917), Robert H. Daley (), Clinton Day (1847-1916), Emil Depierre (), Frederick F. Hamilton (1851-1899), B.E. Henriksen (), Edmund Kollofrath (born 1853), Henry P. Maggs (born 1862), Bernard R. Maybeck (1862-1957), Benjamin G. McDougall (1865-1937), Charles C. McDougall (1857-1930), Edgar A. Mathews (1866-1946), Samuel Newsom (1852-1908), George W. Percy (1847-1900), Albert Pissis (1852-1914), John W. Reid, Jr., (1879-1968), Merritt J. Reid (1855-1932), Perseo "Frank" Righetti (1871-1928), Henry A. Schulze (1853-1926), W.J. Sharp (), Edward R. Swain (1851-1902), Frank S. Van Trees (1868-1914), Thomas J. Welsh, Sr., (1845-1918), and George Alexander Wright (1858-1918). The San Francisco landscape designer and Golden Gate Park administrator John McLaren (1846-1943) also was at this luncheon.

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