Male, UK/US, born 1858-03-02, died 1918-03-27

Associated with the firms network

Stone and Wright, Architects; Wright and Polk, Architects; Wright and Rushforth, Architects; Wright, Rushforth and Cahill, Architects

Professional History


Partner, [Willis J.] Polk and Wright, Architects, San Francisco, CA, 1903-1906.

Partner, Wright, Rushforth and Cahill, Architects, San Francisco, CA, 1907-1913.

Professional Awards

Honorary Member, Quantity Surveyors' Association, London, England, 1910. The Architect and Engineer of California wrote of Wright being named an honorary member of this organization: "G. Alexander Wright, of the firm of Wright, Rushforth & Cahill, architects, has been elected an honorary member of the Quantity Surveyors' Association of London, England. Mr. Wright was a guest of this society at its annual meeting and banquet last year and spoke upon the progress made in reconstruction of San Francisco. Mr. Wright is the first honorary member of the association." "Honor for Architect Wright," Architect and Engineer of California, vol. XIX, no. 3, 01/1910, p. 96.)


Wright lived in Berkeley, CA, later in life;

PCAD id: 1935