Male, US, born 1862-02

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Maggs, Herbert, Architect

Professional History

Principal, Herbert Maggs, Architect, San Francisco, CA; Maggs had retired by 1930.


Maggs came from England to the US in 1883. He may have resided first in IL, as that is where two of his children were born in 1887 and 1890. He relocated to CA in 1890 or 1891. He was likely naturalized in 1892; he had been naturalized before 1900. In 1900, he and his family lived at 618 Guerrero Street, San Francisco, CA. The family also included Maggs's unmarried, sister-in-law, Nellie Locke (born 04/1868 in Ireland). Maggs lived in New Orleans, LA, in 1920, renting a room with Horace and Alice Knapp at 2533 Canal Street. In that year, he worked as an "architectural civil engineer." According to the US Census of 1930, Maggs immigrated to the US in 1883; he had been naturalized by 1930. He rented a room in a boarding house at the Rommerdahl Boarding House at 44 Natoma Street, San Francisco, in 1930; this year's census indicated that he was retired.

Both of his parents were from England.

Maggs married in approximately 1886; his wife, referred to in the 1900 US Census as "A. Maggs," was born in 02/1864 in Ireland. Her mother was also Irish, her father, Scottish. The 1900 US Census indicated that A. Locke Maggs had come to the US in 1890.

Maggs and his wife had six children, four of whom were alive in 1900: Mary (born 05/1887 in IL), Irene (born 12/1890 in IL), Frederick (born 08/1891 in CA) and Nellie (born 04/1899 in CA), named in honor of her aunt.

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