Male, died 04/14/1939

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Lutgens, A.C., Architect

Professional History

Principal, A.C. Lutgens, Architect, San Francisco, CA, c. 1895;


Lutgens moved to Vallejo, CA, c. 1917, where he may have operated an architectural office at home. It is known that he kept current his architectural license until the mid-1930s. (See David Parry, Architects' Profiles Pacific Heights Architects #27 - Adolph C. Lutgens,Accessed 10/01/2010.)

Lutgens continued to be listed in San Francisco City Directories as an architect until 1917, when he moved across the Bay to Vallejo, probably in semi-retirement, but maintaining his architectural license from his home address there until the mid-1930's. He died on April 14, 1939.

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