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Male, US, born 1862-09-22, died 1930-06-14

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Dodd and Richards, Architects; Dodd, William J., Architect; Haenke and Dodd, Architects; McKim, Mead and White, Architects

Professional History


Draftsman, William LeBaron Jenney, Architect, Chicago, IL, c. 1880-1882. At the time, Jenney was one of the more innovative architects working in Chicago, IL.

Draftsman, Solon Spencer Beman, Pullman, IL, 1882-1883. Dodd worked for Chicago architect Solon Beman (1853-1914) while the latter had the commission for the approximately 1,300 buildings in train-car manufacturer George Pullman's (1831-1897) company town of Pullman, IL. Beman worked with the landscape architect and planner Nathan Franklin Barrett (1845-1919), with whom he sited this ensemble of buildings.

Designer, McKim, Mead, and White, New York, NY, exact dates unknown, c. 1885.

Partner, [Oscar C.] Wehle and Dodd, Architects, Louisville, KY, 1887-1889. In 1887-1889, Wehle and Dodd had an office at 209 5th Street in Louisville. (See Louisville, Kentucky, City Directory, 1887, p. 1156 and Louisville, Kentucky, City Directory, 1889, p. 1284.) This was also O.C. Wehle's first architectural address as a solo practitioner in 1886. (See Louisville, Kentucky, City Directory, 1886, p. 1025.)

Partner, [Mason] Maury and Dodd, Architects, Louisville, KY, 1889-1895. Maury and Dodd had an office in the Tyler Building at 544 West Main Street in Louisville in 1890. (See Louisville, Kentucky, City Directory, 1890, p. 1308.) This firm won a competition for theLouisville Trust Company Building (1889).

Partner, Dodd and [Arthur] Cobb, Architects, Louisville, KY, 1896-1904.

Partner, [Kenneth] McDonald and Dodd, Architects, Louisville, KY, 1906-1912. This firm collaborated with that of D.H. Burnham on the design of Louisville's 14-story Starks Building (1913).

Partner, [J. Martyn] Haenke and Dodd, Architects, Los Angeles, CA, early 1913-1915. In 1913, this firm had its office in Room #1114 of the W.P. Story Building in Los Angeles.(See Los Angeles, California, City Directory, 1913, p. 2187.)

Partner, Dodd and Richards, Architects, Los Angeles, CA, 1915-1930.

Professional Activities

Member, American Institute of Architects, Southern California Chapter, c. 1915-1930.

Member, California State Board of Architectural Examiners, 1917-1930.



Dodd was born in Canada, and spent some of his childhood and early adulthood in Chicago, IL. In 1870, the Dodd Family resided in Chicago. Edward had managed to save a personal estate valued at $1,500. (See, Source Citation Year: 1870; Census Place: Chicago Ward 10, Cook, Illinois; Roll: M593_205; Page: 399A; Family History Library Film: 545704, accessed 02/22/2019.) Ten years later, the Dodds continued to live in Chicago, with three children still living at home, Edward, William and Elizabeth. This 1880 US Census listed Edward as an architect and William as a traveling salesman, which may have been in error. (See, Source Citation Year: 1880; Census Place: Chicago, Cook, Illinois; Roll: 184; Page: 2A; Enumeration District: 001, accessed 02/22/2019.)

In his first full year in Louisville, 1887, he boarded at 728 2nd Street in Louisville. (See Louisville, Kentucky, City Directory, 1887, p. 275.)Three years later, he found lodging at 108 East Jacob Avenue in Louisville in 1890. (See Louisville, Kentucky, City Directory, 1890, p. 298.)

In Chicago, he was a member of the Chicago Architectural Sketching Club, c. 1905, and designed ceramic ware produced by the Teco Pottery (operated by William D. Gates beginning in 1881) of Terra Cotta, IL, (hence the name TErra COtta).

The 1900 US Census indicated that Dodd and his wife resided at 33 Saint James Court in Louisville, KY. The census reported that Dodd had been in the US since 1872, and that he and his wife employed one African-American servant, Robert L. Silvers (born c. 05/1872 in KY). (See, Source Citation Year: 1900; Census Place: Louisville Ward 7, Jefferson, Kentucky; Page: 2; Enumeration District: 0069; FHL microfilm: 1240530, accessed 02/22/2019.) By 1910, Dodd and his wife lived at 1469 Saint James Court, and retained one servant, Ada Grimes (born c. 1880 in KY) The 1910 US Census indicated that Dodd immigrated to the US in 1869, and had been naturalized. (See, Source Citation Year: 1910; Census Place: Louisville Ward 7, Jefferson, Kentucky; Roll: T624_485; Page: 10A; Enumeration District: 0131; FHL microfilm: 1374498, accessed 05/17/2019.)

Dodd made his way from Louisville, KY, to Los Angeles, CA, by early 1913. He lived at 726 South Kingsbury Drive in Los Angeles in 1913. (See Los Angeles, California, City Directory, 1913, p. 587.)

In 1930, he and Ione lived with his widowed sister-in-law, Kate Estes Paton, at 1975 De Mille Drive in Los Angeles. His immediate neighbor, also listed at 1875 De Mille Drive, was the actor Antonio Moreno (1887-1967), who lived at this address with his wife, Daisy, (born c. 1885 in NE) and her two children. Moreno paid a hefty $500 per month in rent. (See, Source Citation Year: 1930; Census Place: Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California; Page: 29A; Enumeration District: 0071; FHL microfilm: 2339869, accessed 02/22/2019.)

He died while on a European trip from "an acute but unspecified illness." (See Los Angeles Times, 06/16/1930, p. 8.)


His father, Edward Dodd (born c. 1821 in Newcastle, England-d. 02/26/1895 in Chicago, IL), his mother, Mary Denning, (born 1823 in Ireland-d. 01/31/1898 in Chicago, IL). They wed in 1852. (See,Source Citatio Institut Généalogique Drouin; Montreal, Quebec, Canada; Drouin Collection; Author: Gabriel Drouin, comp, accessed 05/16/2019.)

Edward worked as a brick mason (according to the US Censuses of 1870 and 1880), while Mary managed the household that included four children, Jane, (born c. 1853 in Canada), Elizabeth "Lizzie," (born c. 1856 in Canada), Edward, (born 04/13/1859 in Quebec City, QC, Canada-d. 09/06/1939, in Chicago, IL), and William.

In 1870, the US Census recorded that Edward Dodd had an estate of $1500, an amount exceeding that of his neighbors, for the most part. (See,Source Citation Year: 1870; Census Place: Chicago Ward 10, Cook, Illinois; Roll: M593_205; Page: 399A; Family History Library Film: 545704, accessed 05/16/2019.)


Dodd married Ione Estes (b. 12/07/1861 in Memphis,TN-d. Ventura County, CA, 02/07/1950), on 11/27/1889 in Memphis, TN; Estes came from a socially prominent family in Memphis. Her father was Bedford Mitchell Estes (born 10/10/1832 in Christmasville, TN-d. 04/15/1898) was lawyer in Memphis. Her mother was Lizzie Guion Estes (born 08/05/1841-d. 07/22/1915 in Memphis, TN). Bedford Estes was active in the Southern Presbyterian Church, became a state legislator from Shelby County in 1861, and served as a Confederate District Attorney in 1862. In 1876, he was appointed a Judge of the Arbitration Court for West Tennessee, in assistance to the Suprement Court in 1876. (See Charles Estes, Estes Geneaologies, 1097-1893, [Salem, MA: Eben Putnam, Publisher, 1894), p. 263.)

Two widowed sisters of Ione Estes came to live with her in Los Angeles after William J., Dodd's death: Sallie Estes Bell (b. Tennessee, 05/29/1860-d. Los Angeles, CA, 09/26/1944) and Kate Estes Paton (b. Tennessee 07/14/1866-d. Los Angeles, CA, 09/02/1955).


Dodd and Ione Estes Dodd had no surviving children.

Biographical Notes

On his US passport application of 02/06/1925, Dodd indicated that he had been born in Chicago, IL, on 09/22/1862 and had. (The 1930 US Census also repeated his birthplace to have been Illinois and indicated that he had immigrated to the US in 1872. Both of these facts were not correct.) He and his wife took a vacation leaving from New York in 03/1925, to tour the following countries: the British Isles, France, Italy, Holland, Belgium, and Switzerland. The Dodds returned to New York via Southampton aboard the US Lines steamer S.S. Republic (originally christened in 1903 the SS Servian) between 08/29/1925 and 09/07/1925. (See, Source Citation Year: 1925; Arrival: New York, New York; Microfilm Serial: T715, 1897-1957; Microfilm Roll: Roll 3715; Line: 22; Page Number: 111, accessed 02/22/2019.)

As per his 1925 US passport application, Dodd, at age 62, stood 5-feet, 11 1/4-inches tall, had a medium forehead, medium straight nose, straight mouth, round chin, medium fair complexion and oval face, with blue eyes and brown hair.

Associated Locations

  • Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA (Architect's Office)
    West 5th Street
    Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

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    Dodd and Richards operated a practice in the Architects' Building in the 1920s and 1930s.

  • Quebec City, Quebec Canada (Architect's Birth)
    Quebec City, Quebec Canada

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