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Christopher Thomas White, Indiana University
This was a multi-page site focusing on the career of William James Dodd. There was a great deal of information on Dodd's life and work in Louisville, KY, before his migration to Los Angeles, CA, in early 1913. White writes: "Dodd enjoyed a second career in the greater Los Angeles area from early 1913 until his death there in 1930. Besides the old downtown financial district around Pacific Center are still found Dodd structures: around Hollywood in Laughlin & Hancock Parks; to the west in Rustic Canyon, Playa Del Rey and Long Beach; southeast to San Gabriel, and possibly northeast in Altadena. His contribution to LA, in terms of architecture alone, is no less significant than that found in Louisville yet it is barely documented and researched and is mostly unacknowledged in the dynamic and rebuilt modern environment of that great California city. A lover of music and theatre, an amateur performer in both media, W.J. Dodd was an important presence in the cultural life and associations of LA in the years between the first World War and the Depression of the 30's. He was well-connected socially, professionally and financially with all of the better-remembered names of the growing metropolis of Los Angeles."
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