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Male, US, born 1881-02-06, died 1942-09-05

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Curlett and Beelman, Architects; Curlett and Gottschalk, Architects; Curlett, William, and Son, Architects

Professional History


Partner, William Curlett and Son, Architects, San Francisco, CA, and Los Angeles, CA, 1908-1921. A San Francisco office operarted between 1908 and 1919. The Los Angeles office operated under this name between 1913 and 1921. The Los Angeles City Directory, 1913, (p. 531), indicated that three people managed William Curlett and Son: William Curlett, Aleck Curlett and C. E. Gottschalk, (1865-1929). Gottschalk left the firm in either 1913 or 1914. The year of his father's death, 1914, Aleck's name was the only one managing the Los Angeles office. At this time, the office operated in Room #1020 of the Merchants National Bank Building, 548 South Spring Street.

In 1915, William Curlett and Son’s address was listed as Suite #518 of the Merchants Nartional Bank Building. (See Los Angeles, California, City Directory, 1915, p. 666.) In 1918, his World War I Draft Registration card indicated that Aleck was a self-employed architect, continuing to lease Office #518 of the Merchants National Bank Building..

The name of the firm was still listed as "William Curlett and Son, Architects," in 1920 and 1921. (See Los Angeles, California, City Directory, 1920, p. 2362 and Los Angeles, California, City Directory, 1921, p. 2731.) In either late 1919 or early 1920, Aleck closed the architectural office in San Francisco and moved his attention primarily to the Los Angeles market.

Principal, A.E. Curlett, Architect, Los Angeles, CA, 1922. (See Los Angeles, California, City Directory, 1922, p. 2929.)

Partner, Curlett and Beelman, Architects, Los Angeles, CA / Beverly Hills, CA, 1923-1932. (See Los Angeles, California, City Directory, 1923, p. 3359.)

Director, Inspection Division, Public Works Authority, Southern California, supervised the $30 million reconstruction of city and county school buildings damaged after the 1933 Long Beach Earthquake;

Project Manager, Federal Public Housing Authority (FPHA), which oversaw Federal building projects in Southern California, 1933-1942; at his death he working on the design of 16 FHA low-cost housing projects in and around Los Angeles. The West Coast FPHA office was located at 785 Market Street in San Francsico in 1942, and Curlett worked with various field offices at the time. (See, Source Citation, World War II Draft Cards (4th Registration) for the State of California; State Headquarters: California; Microfilm Roll: 603155,accessed 11/24/2015.)


Documents produced by Curlett and Beelman 1919-c. 1932 are preserved at the University of Calfiornia, Santa Barbara (UCSB), Architecture and Design Collection, Art, Design & Architecture Museum, Collection #0000124.



Aleck Curlett attended Columbia University's School of Architecture. His fourth-year thesis project in 1904 was "An Opera House."



Living in San Francisco, Menlo Park, and the Los Angeles area during his life, Alexander Curlett seemed to move frequently. Born in San Francisco, Curlett resided with his parents in a building at 1461 Fulton Street in San Francisco according to the US Census of 1900. (See, (See Source Citation Year: 1900; Census Place: San Francisco, San Francisco, California; Roll: 104; Page: 7A; Enumeration District: 0179; FHL microfilm: 1240104,acceseed 11/24/2015.)

Aleck Curlett continued to live with his parents at 2701 Pierce Street in 1908, the year he was made a partner in the new firm of William Curlett and Son, Architects. (See Crocker-Langley San Francisco, California, City Directory, 1908, p. 512.)

In 1911, after he married, he and his wife, Helen, lived in Menlo Park, CA, and worked as an architect. (See R.L. Polk & Co.'s Menlo Park Directory, 1911 [part of the Redwood City Directory]), p. 99. Curlett's residential address was still listed as being in San Francisco in the Los Angeles, California, City Directory, 1913, (p. 531), while that of his father was listed at 1712 West 9th Street. This may have been in error, (Aleck may have lived in Los Angeles by 1913), or the family owned a residence in the city by 1913 that was used by both father and son. By 1914, however, Aleck was listed as living at 1712 West 9th. (See Los Angeles, California, City Directory, 1914, p. 823.)

Aleck and Helen Curlett continued to live at 1712 West 9th Street, Los Angeles, CA, in 1916. In 1916, according to CA voting records, she was a registered voter, he was not. They continued to reside on 1712 West 9th until at least 1918. In 1920, Curlett, Helen, and their infant son, William, were listed as residing with the Corbets, his wife's parents, at 2650 Scott Street in San Francisco. The household, located in the upper-class neighborhood of Pacific Heights, was comfortable, and included three servants.

Having achieved significant financial success during the 1920s, Curlett could reside in the wealthy Bel Air neighborhood at 10744 Chalon Road in 1928. In 1930, Curlett occupied the residence at 709 North Bedford Drive, Beverly Hills, CA with his family; their residence had a value of $40,000 and the family had a 51-year-old Swedish household servant, Hulda Kriminger, at the time. (See, Source Citation Year: 1930; Census Place: Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California; Roll: 124; Page: 13B; Enumeration District: 0822; Image: 270.0; FHL microfilm: 2339859, accessed 11/24/2015.) Curlett and his wife lived in Central Los Angeles at 1243 North Fuller Avenue in 1936, a move out of posh Beverly Hills made, perhaps, due to financial shortfalls during the Depression. By 1942, he had moved to 108 South Mansfield Avenue in Los Angeles.

Curlett died in the California Hospital, Los Angeles, CA, and was buried in the Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, CA.


Aleck Curlett's father was the Irish-born William Curlett (1846- 1914), a noted San Francisco architect; his mother, Celia Eisen, (born 07/1855 in CA), married William Curlett c. 1872. Together, WIlliam and Celia had 5 children, only 2 of whom were alive in 1900, Aleck and his sister Ethel A. Curlett (born 011/1884 in CA). (See


He married Helen Corbet (born c. 1887 in ND). They married in 06/1908.

Her father, Burke Corbet, (born c. 1855 in PA), was a successful lawyer, her mother, Sadie, (born c. 1860 in OH), maintained the home. The Corbets lived in San Francisco in a house on Scott Street near Green Street. Helen had at least three siblings, Edward B. (born c. 1890 in ND), Charles (born c. 1893 in ND) and Frances (born c. 1901 in CA).


Aleck and Helen Curlett had two sons: William (born c. 1909 in CA) and John (born c. 1914 in CA).

Biographical Notes

He was known as "Aleck." In 10/1908, Aleck Curlett was listed as a passenger aboard the International Mercantile Marine Company's S.S. Cretic sailing from Naples, Italy, to New York, NY. Although his wife was not listed on the ship's manifest, it is possible that this was a honeymoon trip for the newlyweds. (See,Source Citation Year: 1908; Arrival: New York, New York; Microfilm Serial: T715, 1897-1957; Microfilm Roll: Roll 1162; Line: 30; Page Number:155,acceseed 11/24/2015.)

In 1918, he was described on his World War I Draft Registration card as being tall with a stout build, blue eyes and light-colored hair. (See, Source Citation Registration State: California; Registration County: Los Angeles; Roll: 1530896; Draft Board: 11,acceseed 11/24/2015.)

There is some question as to his correct birth date. The sometimes reliable US Census of 1900 placed it on 02/1881. (See, (See Source Citation Year: 1900; Census Place: San Francisco, San Francisco, California; Roll: 104; Page: 7A; Enumeration District: 0179; FHL microfilm: 1240104,acceseed 11/24/2015.) This date is corroborated by the California Death Index, 1940-1997 and his World War I and II Draft Registration cards. Other sources list it in 1880, including the Online Archive of California's Finding Aid for the Curlett & Beelman records, circa 1924-circa 1932 0000124.

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