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Alexander Edward Curlett, William F. Curlett, Charles E. Gottschalk

Active 1908-1921

Firm Notes

Architect William Curlett, (1846-1914), who had operated in partnerships and on his own in San Francisco since about 1875, elevated his son, Aleck, (1881-1942), to partnership status by 1908.

William Curlett and Son operated in San Francisco, CA, between 1908 and 1919. It operated a Los Angeles office between 1913 and 1921. The San Francisco office of William Curlett and Son last appeared in the Crocker-Langley San Francisco City Directory, 1919, (p. 1776), while that of the Los Angeles appeared last in 1921. (See Los Angeles, California, City Directory, 1921, p. 2731.) From at least 1914 onward, Aleck Curlett was in charge of the Los Angeles office, and he relocated the practice to Los Angeles just after World War I. He would operate it as a solo practice for one year, 1922, on his own before partnering with the Ohio-born architect Claud Beelman, (1884-1963), to form Curlett and Beelman, in 1923.

In 1916, William Curlett and Son had its Los Angeles office located in Room #516 of the Merchants National Bank Building.

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