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Richard Halfon, Kenneth Lewis, J. Edward Martin, Albert Carey Martin Jr., Christopher C. Martin, David C. Martin, Carey McLeod, Robert Murrin, Oliver Santos, Richard Thompson

Firm Notes

The firm began as "A.C. Martin, Architect," operating under this name between 1909 and 1945. After World War II, Albert Carey Martin, Jr., and J. Edward Martin led the family firm under the name "A.C. Martin and Associates." The name was changed to its current form somtime after 1970.

A.C. Martin Partners, Inc., operated offices in Los Angeles and Sacramento in 2004. The firm had eight partners in 2004: David C. Martin, Christopher C. Martin, Richard Halfon, Kenneth Lewis, Carey McLeod, Robert Murrin, Oliver Santos, and Richard Thompson. In 2004, the company had worked on six projects all in CA, worth $493 million. The firm employed 30 architects, 16 engineers, 1 interior designer, 25 technical staff, 8 administrative staff and 11 others in 2004.

In 2013, it was headquartered in offices at 444 South Flower Street Los Angeles, CA.

By 2020, the firm called itself simply "A.C. Martin." The firm had its office at 444 South Flower Street Suite #1200, Los Angeles. Tel: 213.683.1900 (2020).

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