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Male, US, born 06/19/1950

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Martin, A.C. Partners, Incorporated, (ACMP); Togawa Smith Martin Residential, Incorporated, (TSMR)

Professional History

Chief Executive Officer, A.C. Martin Partners (ACMP), Architects, Los Angeles, CA, -2005; Chief Executive Officer, Togawa Smith Martin Residential, Incorporated (TSMR), Los Angeles, CA, 2005-present; according to the firm's web site: "As the CEO, Chris oversees the financial, contractual, policy, and administrative aspects of TSMR. The third generation leader of AC Martin as well as CEO of TSMR." (SeeAccessed 04/13/2011.)

Chairman, Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, 2005- ; the Chamber's web site summarized Martin's accomplishments: "Martin has spearheaded a number of innovative planning efforts, including the concept for a Los Angeles Government Center, which would be the second largest government center in the U.S. after Washington D.C. He was a founding member of the Los Angeles Business Improvement District (BID), an idea that he helped initiate in his past role as Chair of the Central City Association. The BID is now the largest in the nation and has improved street cleanliness, maintenance, friendliness, and safety for property owners, residents, and visitors. He championed the need to restore and update, rather than merely seismically retrofit, Los Angeles City Hall, which recently reopened as a vibrant seat of local government." (SeeAccessed 04/13/2011.)

Fellow, American Institute of Architects (FAIA);


Martin was a grandson of A.C. Martin, Sr. (1879-1960), founder of A.C. Martin and Associates, Los Angeles, CA, Architects, and son of the structural engineer, J. Edward Martin (1916-2004), who, along with his brother, Albert Carey Martin, Jr. (1913-2006), managed A.C. Martin and Associates (and later A.C. Martin and Partners) after World War II. Christopher Martin and his cousin, David C. Martin (b. 1942), directed the firm from the 1980s to the present.

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