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James Chiaverini, N. M. Saliba, Albert Garrow Tutor, Ronald Newton Tutor

Active 1972-2008

Firm Notes

Tutor-Saliba Construction was formed by the 1972 merger of the Albert G. Tutor Construction Company and N.M. Saliba Company. Tutor-Saliba's main offices were located in Sylmar, CA, in 2006.

Tutor-Saliba Corporation merged with the Perini Corporation in 04/2008. A Tutor-Saliba press release stated: "A Special Committee of four independent members of Perini’s Board of Directors recommended the transaction to the full Board, which determined that it is in the best interests of Perini shareholders and recommends they vote in favor of it. Ronald N. Tutor, who is Chairman and CEO of Perini and the principal shareholder of Tutor-Saliba, abstained from the unanimous vote by the Perini Board. As a condition of the agreement, Mr. Tutor committed to retain 70% of the shares he will receive in this transaction for at least five years after the closing of the transaction and will serve as Chairman and CEO of the combined companies. Michael R. Klein, Lead Director of Perini who chaired the Special Committee, said: “This transaction significantly enhances the interests of Perini shareholders. It combines, grows and diversifies the best talent of two excellent companies, grows our backlog of booked and targeted projects, and diversifies our reach into promising new segments of the market. Perini has been a highly successful company. Combining with Tutor-Saliba accelerates our growth potential in ways that Perini would not achieve alone. Given our more than 30-year history of successfully working closely with Tutor-Saliba on joint venture projects, we are highly confident that we can integrate the companies seamlessly. In addition, we are securing the continuing leadership of Ron Tutor.” (See Tutor-Saliba, "Perini Corporation and Tutor-Saliba Corporation to Combine to Create One of the Leading Building and Civil Contractors," press release published 04/02/2008, accessed 10/23/2018.

In 2018, Tutor-Saliba still existed as an entity, a company managed by Ronald N. Tutor, and was a division of the larger umbrella corporation, Tutor-Perini.

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