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Ralph Donald Anderson Jr., T. William Booth, Carolyn Lee Geise, Clayton Robert Joyce, James W.P. Olson, George Yosuke Suyama

Active 1955-c. 1965

Anderson operated a practice in Seattle, WA.

PCAD id: 2274

12425 NE 39th Street House, Bridle Trails, Bellevue, WA1969BellevueWA
2018 87th Avenue NE House, Clyde Hill, WAClyde HillWA
3 Tree Point House, Burien, WA1971
5425 96th Avenue SE House, Mercer Island, WA1965Mercer IslandWA
6007 79th Avenue SE House, Mercer Island, WA1969Mercer IslandWA
8551 SE 80th Street House, Mercer Island, WA1965-1966Mercer IslandWA
Ambaum Medical and Dental Clinic, Seattle, WA1965SeattleWA
Anderson, Einar, House, Laurelhurst, Seattle, WASeattleWA
Anderson, Ralph D. and Shirley, House #1, Hidden Lake, WA1952Hidden LakeWA
Ballard, John G., House, Mercer Island, WA 1961Mercer IslandWA
Bennett, Orville, House, Mercer Island, WA1963Mercer IslandWA
Broback House, Medina, WA1964
Capital Brewing Company, Office Building, Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA1900-1901SeattleWA
Concrete Engineering Company, Carports, Tacoma, WATacomaWA
Flash, Philip N. and Claire B., House, Mercer Island, WA1963Mercer IslandWA
Glickman, Harry and Jeannette, House, Wedgwood, Seattle, WA1959-1960SeattleWA
Grey Gull Condominium, Ocean Shores, WA1968Ocean ShoresWA
Innis Arden House, Innis Arden, Shoreline, WA1958
Jones, Robert W. and Gerd Korsnes, House, Mercer Island, WA1965-1966Mercer IslandWA
Kotkins, Henry, Sr., and Marion, House, Seattle, WASeattleWA
McDonald, Frank R. and Beatrice J., House, Medina, WA 1962MedinaWA
McNair House1961
Miller, Jack, House, Seattle, WASeattleWA
Milloy, Robert, House, Mercer Island, WA1960Mercer IslandWA
Nelson, Melvin, House, Mercer Island, WA1962-1963Mercer IslandWA
Patha House, Seattle, WASeattleWA
Peters House, Mercer Island, WA1960Mercer IslandWA
Runion House, Magnolia, Seattle, WA1972SeattleWA
Sodergren, Evert, Apartments, University District, Seattle, WA 1960SeattleWA
Somerset View House, Seattle, WA1961SeattleWA
Starr Reed House, Mercer Heights, Mercer Island, WA1962Mercer IslandWA
Strom House1965
Tucker, Dr. Frederick, House, Seattle, WA1954SeattleWA
Union Trust Building, Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA1893SeattleWA
University of Washington, Seattle (UW), Fisheries Center, Seattle, WA1949-1950SeattleWA
Williams House, Evergreen Point, Medina, WA1970