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Frederick Forde Bassetti, Lee G. Copeland, John Christopher Kirk, Frederick Kotter, Richard B. Metler, Smith Sumiyo Nakata, Philip C. Norton, Daniel J.H. Reiss, Kenneth Jay Rothschild

Active 1962-1980

Firm Notes

Fred Bassetti operated his firm in Seattle, WA, following the dissolution of his partnership with John Morse in 1962. In 1962, Bassetti located his office in Room #1602 of the Tower Building, Seattle.

Bassetti had a charismatic personality and attracted architects of great skill to work for him. Others who worked for Fred Bassetti and Company included: Lee Copeland (of Weinstein Copeland Architects, Fred Kotter, Prof. Folke Nyberg (of the University of WA), Al Williams (who went on to become a WA State Senator), Paul Dermanis, landscape architect Laurie Olin, Jim Hamilton, Skip Norton, Richard Metler, and Karlis Rekevics.

Fred Bassetti and Company would become "Bassetti / Norton / Metler / Rothschild Architects" in 1980.

Norton, Metler, and Rekevics became partners in Bassetti's next firm, Bassetti, Norton, and Metler (1981-1985) and the subsequent Bassetti, Norton, Metler and Rekevics (1985-1991).

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