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John Buyko Anthony, Louis Peter Baldini, Frederick Blackiston Barss, Theodore C. Bernardi, Irving F. Brown, Floyd B. Comstock, John C. Cutler, Alfred W. Day, Robert A. Deshon, Donn Emmons, Frederick Earl Emmons, John Cooper Funk, Harold W. Hawes, Arne Kartwold, Francis Joseph McCarthy, Harold Axel Onstad, James Donald Wickenden, William Wilson Wurster

Active 1924-1941

Firm Notes

Architect William Wilson Wurster (1895-1973) operated his practice in San Francisco, CA, before World War II. Wurster's firm was one of the leading incubators for young architects during the period 1930-1960 in the Bay Area.

After the war, he incorporated with Theodore Bernardi and Donn Emmons to form "Wurster, Bernardi and Emmons," also working in San Francisco.

PCAD id: 11

Aird, Robert, House, San Francisco, CA1938San FranciscoCA
Benner, Frederick C., House, Berkeley, CA1934BerkeleyCA
Berger, Earl C., House, Los Altos, CA1938Los AltosCA
Breuner, Robert, House, Orinda, CA1938OrindaCA
Butler, Vincent, House, Pasatiempo, Santa Cruz, CA1934Santa CruzCA
Campbell, Paul, House, Stockton, CA1936-1937StocktonCA
Clark, Dearborn, House, Aptos, CA1937AptosCA
Cleghorn, Percy T., House, Stockton, CA1938StocktonCA
Converse, E.C., Jr., House, Carmel, CA1933CarmelCA
De Forest, Lockwood, III, and Elizabeth Kellam, House, Santa Barbara, CA1928-1929Santa BarbaraCA
Dinkelspeil, Lloyd, House, Hillsborough, CA1939-1940HillsboroughCA
Doble, Henry, House, San Francisco, CA1939San FranciscoCA
Dondo, Mathurin, House, Richmond, CA1935-1936RichmondCA
Federal Works Agency (FWA), Division of Defense Public Works (DDPW), Defense Housing Project No. Cal-4086, Carquinez Heights, Vallejo, CA1941-1942VallejoCA
Garthwaite, W.B., House, Berkeley, CA1926BerkeleyCA
Golden Gate International Exposition (GGIE), Yerba Buena Pavilion, Yerba Buena Island, San Francisco, CA1937-1939Yerba Buena IslandCA
Gregory, Sadie, House, Scotts Valley, CA1927Scotts ValleyCA
Heard, Bartlett, House, Claremont, Berkeley, CA1936BerkeleyCA
Henderson, Wellington, House, Hillsborough, CA1931-1932HillsboroughCA
Henning House, Hillsborough, CA1937HillsboroughCA
Hollins, Marion, House, Pasatiempo, Santa Cruz, CA1930Santa CruzCA
Jackling, Daniel Cowan, House, Woodside, CA 1925WoodsideCA
Jarvie, Amelia F.G., House, Calistoga, CA1935CalistogaCA
Jensen, Edgar, House, Berkeley, CA1936-1937BerkeleyCA
Kellam, Frederick B, and Edith Bishop, House, Santa Barbara, CA1928-1929Santa BarbaraCA
King, R.R., House, Atherton, CAAthertonCA
Lamberson House, Claremont Hills, Berkeley, CA 1941BerkeleyCA
Lyman, Oliver B., House, Tiburon, CATiburonCA
McIntosh, Frank, House, Los Altos, CA1936Los AltosCA
McKenzie, Alister, House, Pasatiempo, Santa Cruz, CA1932Santa CruzCA
Mendenhall House, Palo Alto, CA1937Palo AltoCA
Miller, Diantha, House, Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA1934-1935Carmel-by-the-SeaCA
Pope, George A., Jr., House, Hillsborough, CA1936HillsboroughCA
Pope, Saxton Temple, House #1, Hillsborough, CA1933HillsboroughCA
Pope, Saxton Temple, House #2, Orinda, CA1940OrindaCA
Raas House, Palo Alto, CA1939Palo AltoCA
Reynolds, A.G. and Maud Clark, House, Gilroy, CA1940GilroyCA
Schuckl and Company, Office Building, Sunnyvale, CA 1942SunnyvaleCA
Shaw, Robert, House, Richmond Shore, Richmond, CA1935RichmondCA
Sloss, Leon, Jr., and Eleanor Fleishhacker, House, Woodside, CA1930WoodsideCA
Steep Ravine Cabins, Stinson Beach, CAStinson BeachCA
Sugar Bowl Corporation, Sugar Bowl Ski Resort, Norden, CA1939NordenCA
Turner, Everett D., House, Modesto, CA1941ModestoCA
University of California, Berkeley (UCB), Stern, Sigmund, Hall, Berkeley, CA1941-1942BerkeleyCA
Woodside House, Woodside, CA1941-1942WoodsideCA
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