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Partners: network

Frederick Forde Bassetti, Lee G. Copeland, Frederick Kotter, Richard B. Metler, Philip C. Norton

Active 1962-1981

Firm Notes

Fred Bassetti operated his firm in Seattle, WA, following the dissolution of his partnership with John Morse in 1962. In 1962, Bassetti located his office in Room #1602 of the Tower Building, Seattle.

Bassetti had a charismatic personality and attracted architects of great skill to work for him. Others who worked for Fred Bassetti and Company included: Lee Copeland (of Weinstein Copeland Architects, Fred Kotter, Prof. Folke Nyberg (of the University of WA), Al Williams (who went on to become a WA State Senator), Paul Dermanis, landscape architect Laurie Olin, Jim Hamilton, Skip Norton, Richard Metler, and Karlis Rekevics.

Norton, Metler, and Rekevics became partners in Bassetti's next firm, Bassetti, Norton, and Metler (1981-1985) and the subsequent Bassetti, Norton, Metler and Rekevics (1985-1991).

PCAD id: 1166