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Male, Lithuania/US, born 1903-01-06, died 1991-04-12

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Goodman, Michael Architect

Professional History

Principal, Michael A. Goodman, Architect, Berkeley, CA, 1925-c. 1971.

Professor, University of California, Berkeley (UCB), Department of Architecture, Berkeley, CA, 1928-1971. he worked for many years on the UCB's Committee for Public Ceremonies, the body supervising University Commencement Exercises, Freshman Reception, and Charter Day Celebration.

Goodman delivered a lecture, "The Rationalized Passive Defense Program and Its Relation to Camouflage," during the first day of the Two-Day Camouflage Short Course, School of Architecture, University of Washington, Seattle, Extension Headquarters, 10/09/1942-10/10/1942; also provided lecture, "Analysis of Industrial Areas," at the Camouflage School, Office of Civilian Defense, Seattle, WA, 10/29/1942.Member, Berkeley Planning Commission, Berkeley, CA; Goodman served for over 20 years.

Goodman won the Berkeley Citation for distinguished achievement and notable service to the University of California, 1970.


Born in Vilnius, Lithuania, a center for Jewish culture in that country, Michael Goodman left the Baltic in the wake of the 1917 Russian Revolution. He traveled west-to-east across Russia making his way to San Francisco, CA. He was made a naturalized citizen in 1927. A year later, he obtained a position at the University of California, Berkeley, on its architecture faculty. He remained at UCB until 1971. In 1940, Goodman, his wife, son, and a maid, Helen Krummi (born c. 1920 in MI), lived in a residence at 1400 Hawthorne Terrace in Berkeley, CA.

His mother's maiden name was Baryer.

Michael A. Goodman, Sr., married Mildred Jacobs (born c. 1910 in WA) of San Francisco, CA in 1935. She worked in the School of Public Health in the 1940s.

He and Mildred had two children, a daughter, Louise Heidner, and son, Michael, Jr., (born c. 1938 in CA).

SSN: 562-62-1210.

Associated Locations

  • Vilnius, Vilnius Lithuania (Architect's Birth)
    Vilnius, Vilnius Lithuania

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  • Berkeley, CA (Architect's Death)
    Berkeley, CA

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