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Male, US, born 1903-12-21, died 1970-09-09

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Confer and Anderson, Architects; Confer and Ostwald, Architects; Confer and Willis, Architects; Confer, Frederick L., AIA; Confer, Willis and Anderson, Architects; Snyder, Edwin L.

Professional History


Draftsman, Edwin L. Snyder, Architect, Berkeley, CA, c. 1929-1933.

Principal, Frederick L. Confer, Architect, Berkeley, CA, c. 1934-1935.

Partner, Confer and [James H.] Anderson, Architects, Berkeley, CA, 1935- .

Partner, Confer and Ostwald, Architects, Berkeley, CA, 1947-1954.

Principal, Frederick Confer, Architect, Oakland, CA;

Partner, Confer and Willis, Architects, Oakland, CA, c. 1955. In 1955, Confer operated an office at 366 40th Street, Oakland, CA.

Partner, Confer, Willis and Anderson, Architects, Oakland, CA, c. 1960.

Partner, Confer and Anderson, Architects, Oakland, CA, c. 1962.

Professional Activities

Chief of Protective Concealment, Ninth Civilian Defense Region, Office of Civilian Defense, c. 1942-1943; Confer may have participated in a Two-Day Camouflage Short Course, School of Architecture, University of Washington, Seattle, Extension Headquarters, 10/09/1942-10/10/1942; provided lecture, "Office Setup and Organization," at the Camouflage School, Office of Civilian Defense, Seattle, WA, 12/17/1942.

Member, American Institute of Architects, c. 1955.



B.Arch., University of California, Berkeley (UCB), Berkeley, CA.



Confer was born in CA, c. 1904. In 1910, he lived with his parents in a home they owned at 383 Lawton Avenue in Oakland, CA; the Confers had enough added income to maintain a servant, Fannie Holt (born c. 1878 in MO) and support Kate Confer (born c. 1858 in OH), who may have been Frederick, Sr.'s widowed step-mother. (The US Census records of 1910 indicated that she was not born in the same state as Frederick Sr.'s birth mother, and it recorded her as having had no children. The census also noted that she had been married 4 times.) Ten years later, his parents still lived on Lawton, perhaps in the same house renumbered, 5811 Lawton Avenue. In 1929, just before his marriage, the 26-year-old Confer still lived with his parents at 5811 Lawton Avenue.

A year later, he and his new bride, Melba, shared an apartment at 2575 LeConte Avenue, Apartment B, in Berkeley, CA, and, in 1933, at 520 The Alameda, Oakland. He moved once again to 473 Ellita Avenue, Berkeley, in 1935, but in two years, he had settled down with his wife, two children and a maid, Verna Lawrenz (born c. 1912 in WI), in a dwelling at 25 Wistaria Way in Piedmont, CA. The house had a value of $13,500 in 1940, and was in line with the cost of other residences in this Piedmont neighborhood.

He died in Contra Costa, County, CA, at the age of 66.


His father, Frederick William Confer, (born c. 1880 in CA), worked as a store manager in 1920; Nola Livermore Confer (born c. 1880 in OH), his mother, managed the household that included Frederick, Jr., and his younger sister, Beatrice (born c. 12/1917 in CA), who was about 14 years younger. Additionally, the household included Nola's older sister, Flora Livermore (born c. 1878 in OH), who worked as a nurse in a doctor's office. His parents married c. 1902.


He married Melba Lynette Coughlan (born c. 1906 in CA) at Saint Clement's Church, Berkeley, CA, on 08/12/1929. Three years younger than Frederick, she worked as a school teacher before they wed. Her parents were William Coughlan and Rose Mary Quirolean (the spelling of her mother's name may be inaccurate.) Bessie Palmer and John L. Minchin, Jr., served as witnesses for the pair.


In 1940, he had had two children, Mary (born c. 1930 in CA), and Peter (born c. 1934 in CA).

Biographical Notes

SSN: 553-30-0024; California Death Index has Confer's first name spelled, 'Frederic";

PCAD id: 452

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