Male, born 1889-07-31, died 1974

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Huntsman-Trout, Edward, Landscape Architect

Professional History

Principal, Edward Huntsman-Trout, Landscape Architect, Beverly Hills, CA.

The bulk of Huntsman-Trout's Papers are housed in the Department of Special Collections, UCLA Library. A small collection of drawings pertaining to work that Huntsman-Trout did at Scripps College between 1927-1956 is stored there. See Ella Strong Denison Library, Claremont Colleges Library, Claremont, CA.


Coursework, University of California, Berkeley (UCB), Berkeley, CA; Coursework in landscape architecture, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA;


Huntsman-Trout was born in Tintern, ON, Canada, but had English citizenship. He resided in Toronto, ON, and worked in Boston, MA, and Cleveland, OH, before moving to Southern CA in the 1920s. In 1918, he lived at 1795 East 63rd Street in Cleveland. A naturalization form filed in 1936 with the Southern District, Central Division, Los Angeles, CA, District Court, indicated that he first entered the US under the name "Edward Trout Huntsman" in 1904 by train, arriving from Canada at Niagara Falls, NY. He filed initial US naturalization paperwork in 1917 at Cleveland, OH under the name "Edward Huntsman." During this naturalization process from 1936-1941, at least, Huntsman-Trout lived at 1640 North Hobart Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA. He died in Los Angeles, CA.

Huntsman-Trout was orphaned early in life and he went to live with an great-aunt, the first woman Canadian physician, Jennie Kidd [Gowanlock] Trout. (For more on Jennie Trout see Accessed 01/25/2007) He took his step-great-uncle's name, Trout, as part of his own. In 1917, Dr. Trout lived at 1845 Morgan Place, Los Angeles, CA.

He married Beatrice Rolfe (born 05/02/1902 in Palo Alto, CA), who graduated from the architecture program at the University of California, Berkeley (UCB), in the 1910s. They married in Brentwood Heights, Los Angeles, CA, on 09/17/1929.

He had two daughters Pamela (born 07/13/1930 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA) and Olivia (born 02/13/1932 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA) and one son, Henry. Henry Huntsman-Trout moved to Tacoma, WA, and dropped the "Trout" surname from his last name.

Huntsman-Trout was made a naturalized US citizen on 03/28/1941. An 11/09/1936 Declaration of Intention (to be naturalized) form indicated that he had a fair complexion, hazel eyes and brown hair. (The same form also indicated that he was 6 feet 8 inches tall and weighed 135 pounds!) Influenced by his notable great-aunt and her husband, Huntsman-Trout developed into a learned individual, fluent in eight languages. He played the oboe in his younger days and took up the clarinet in his 80s, when his sight became bad late in life.

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