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Gruen, Victor, Associates, Architecture / Planning / Engineering; Neutra and Alexander, Architects

Professional History

Principal, Immanuel Lewin, Architect, Tivon, Israel, 1950-1954; Architect and Project Coordinator, Caughey and Ternstrom, Architects, Los Angeles, CA; Job Captain, Neutra and Alexander, AIA, Los Angeles, CA, 1956-1957; Cost Estimator, Victor Gruen Associates, Beverly Hills, CA, 1959-?


Technische Hoch Schule Berlin-Charlottenburg, Germany;


Lewin designed a shopping center in Tivon, Israel, (1954), dental lab in Los Angeles, CA, (for Victor Gruen, 1959), and an office building and warehouse in Los Angeles, (for Victor Gruen, 1961).

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