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Male, US, born 1934-10-12

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Meier, Richard and Associates, Architects; Meier, Richard and Partners Architects, LLP; Meier, Richard, Architect

Professional History


Draftsman, Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (SOM), New York, NY, 1959-1960.

Designer, Marcel Breuer, Architect, 1960-1963.

Principal, Richard Meier, Architect, New York, NY, 1963-1970.

Principal, Richard Meier and Associates, Architects, New York, NY, 1971-1985.

Principal, Richard Meier and Partners, Architects, New York, NY, 1985-2021. Meier's practice was headquartered in New York City, NY, but he also maintained a Los Angeles branch under the direction of Michael Paladino. This Los Angeles office came about as a result of the very large Getty Center commission obtained in 1985. Palladino's branch was opened in 1987.

Meier officially retired in 06/2021, with the name of the firm being changed from "Richard Meier & Partners Architects," to "Meier Partners."

On 03/13/2018, as part of the #Me Too Movement, Richard Meier was accused of sexual harassment and assault by five women, four of whom worked for his firm, Richard Meier and Partners. According to an article by Robin Pogrebin published in the New York Times, "In Mr. Meier’s absence, the firm said Tuesday that four associate partners would manage day-to-day operations of the New York headquarters: Vivian Lee, Reynolds Logan, Bernhard Karpf and Dukho Yeon. Michael Palladino, a partner and head of the company’s Los Angeles office, will oversee all of the firm’s operations and projects." (See Robin Pogrebin, New York, "5 Women Accuse the Architect Richard Meier of Sexual Harassment," published 03/13/2018, accessed 04/016/2018.) Charges by four more women were published in the Times on 04/05/2018, alleging sexual misconduct, the last incident of which happened in 2009. (See Robin Pogrebin, New York, "Women Say Richard Meier's Conduct Was Widely Known Yet Went Unchecked," published 04/05/2018, accessed 07/13/2021.) In the wake of these complaints, Bernhard Karpf became managing principal, and three others, Yeon, Lee, and Logan assumed administrative positions within the firm.

After the publication of the Times's investigative piece, Meier agreed to step down from daily supervision of the firm for a cooling off period of six months. The impact of the article changed public perceptions of the architect, triggering a groundswell of condemnation. Writer Matt Hickman noted: "The fallout was remarkably swift. Clients distanced themselves from the famous architect, Sotheby’s scrapped a solo show of his work, and Cornell University cut ties with Meier, an act that involved the school declining an endowment to name its department chair after him while also reviewing his past donations." (See Matt Hickman, Architect's, "Richard Meier retires as his eponymous firm changes its name and restructures," published 06/25/2021, accessed 07/13/2021.) reported on decisions made by the Dean of the Cornell University Department of Architecture, Ken Kleinman, in the wake of the New York Times article: "In an open letter published on the school's website, architecture dean Kent Kleinman described Meier's behaviour as "unacceptable" and said he would review all previous donations from the architect. Kleinman said the school was cancelling an event due to be held in Meier's honour next week and was reviewing previous donations by the Pritzker Prize-winning architect." (See Amy Frearson,, "Cornell severs ties with Richard Meier following harassment claims," published 03/14/2018, accessed 07/13/2021.) By 10/09/2018, the architect confirmed that he would permanently stop day-to-day activity in the office, but this did not mean that he officially retired.

Between 10/2018 and 06/2021, Karpf, Lee and Logan left the firm, (Karpf stepped down in 07/2019), leaving only Dukho Yeon and George H. Miller, a one-time managing partner of Pei Cobb Freed and Partners, to run the new New York-based Meier Partners office.

In 06/2021, The Architect's observed of Meier's complete retirement: "While in charge, Meier himself oversaw the completion of over 130 buildings on four continents over the course of a celebrated career that spanned nearly six decades and ultimately concluded in a cloud of scandal. Meanwhile, Richard Meier’s daughter, the furniture designer Ana Meier, will continue in her role as advisor to Meier Partners and will led a new research initiative in collaboration with Yeon that focuses on the vast importance of natural light in architectural design." (See Matt Hickman, Architect's, "Richard Meier retires as his eponymous firm changes its name and restructures," published 06/25/2021, accessed 07/13/2021.)

At the time of the renaming, the Los Angeles office of Richard Meier & Partners rebranded itself and became independent. Run by longtime managers Michael Palladino and Jim Crawford, this firm became known as "STUDIOpractice." Palladino announced that he would remain a "consulting partner" of Meier Partners, working with the New York office on occasional projects.

Professional Activities

Member, American Institute of Architects (AIA), New York Chapter.

Professional Awards

Recipient, American Academy of Arts and Letters, Arnold W. Brunner Memorial Prize, New York, NY, 1972.

Recipient, Hyatt Foundation, Pritzker Prize, Chicago, IL, 1984. Meier was the sixth winner of this prize.

Recipient, AIA, Gold Medal, 1997.

Recipient, American Academy of Arts and Letters, Gold Medal in Architecture, 2008.

Recipient,, Lifetime Achievement Award, 2013.


High School / College

Graduate, Columbia High School, Maplewood, NJ.

B.Arch., Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 1957.



Richard Meier was born in Newark, NJ.

Biographical Notes

The noted architect and theorist Peter Eisenman (born 08/11/1932 in Newark, NJ) was a second cousin of Meier's.

Associated Locations

  • Newark, NJ (Architect's Birth)
    Newark, NJ

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