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Male, US, born 1941-05-16, died 2010-06-29

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Elbasani, Logan and Severin, (ELS), Design Group; Elbasani, Logan, Severin, Freeman, Architects

Professional History


Founding Partner, Elbasani, Logan and Severin (ELS) Design Group, Berkeley, CA, 1967- .

Professional Activities

Juror, Progressive Architecture Architectural Awards Program, 1978. The Berkeley Gazette reported in 1978: “Barry Elbasani, architect and vice-president of Elbasani, Logan, Severin and Freeman of Berkeley, is one of eight professionals selected to judge winners of the 26th Architectural Awards program sponsored by ‘Progressive Architecture’ magazine….” (See “Business Briefs: Personals,” Berkeley Gazette, 12/07/1978, p. 2.)

Unpaid consultant, Urban Land Institute, Report on Springfield, MA, c. 2007. (See C.J. Hughes, “Glimmers of a Turnaround in Springfield, Mass.,” NY Times, 05/09/2007, p. C7.)



Elabasani was born in New York, NY area, likely, Brooklyn. In 1959, he resided at 840 Grand Avenue in Brooklyn and commuted to the elite public high school, Stuyvesant High School, in Manhattan. (See Stuyvesant High School, Indicator Yearbook, 1959, p. 26.)

Following his graduation from Stuyvesant, the architect matriculated at Cooper Union in New York's East Village area. He attended Cooper Union c. 1959-1963, before deciding to attend graduate school in architecture at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.

In 1980, Elbasani and his wife lived at 2725 Elmwood Avenue in Berkeley, CA. They later moved to a residence on Euclid Avenue in Berkeley.

The Elbasanis also had a weekend house at the Sea Ranch development, at 87 Spindrift Close, during the period between 1977 and 2007.


He married Kathleen Ellen Welty (born 12/06/1945 in Los Angeles County, CA) on 11/23/1975 in Alameda County, CA. (See, Source Information California, U.S., Marriage Index, 1960-1985 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2007, accessed 03/17/2022.)

Kathleen Welty attended Palo Alto High School in 1961. (See Palo Alto High School Yearbook, 1961, p. 70.)

Biographical Notes

SSN: 088-32-0012.

PCAD id: 1831

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