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Male, US, born 1956

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Allied Works Architecture

Professional History

Draftsman, Mario Botta, Architect, Ticino, Switzerland, c. 1980-1982; Partner, Allied Works Architecture, Portland, OR, 1994-present.


B.Arch., University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, 1980; M.Arch., Columbia University, New York, NY, 1985;


Cloepfil was born in Portland, OR, and attended high school there. He matriculated at the University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, from 1976-1980;

A biographical publicity sketch was released by the New York Public Library where Cloepfil and landscape ecologist Eric Sanderson spoke on 05/04/2011; the title of the talk was "Allied Works Architecture: Architect Brad Cloepfil in conversation with landscape ecologist Eric Sanderson." The NYPL bio read as follows: "Brad Cloepfil is the Founding Principal of Allied Works Architecture. He studied architecture at the University of Oregon and went on to earn an advanced degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture. After more than a decade of work and teaching in Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York and Switzerland, Cloepfil founded Allied Works in his native Portland, Oregon in 1994. The New York City office followed in 2003. In addition to leading all aspects of creative work at Allied Works, Cloepfil has held guest professorships and given talks on the work throughout North America and Europe. In 2010 Sandy Isenstadt, an architecture historian and professor, described Cloepfil’s work as aiming “to create oases of legibility, spaces that can look out upon the simultaneous contrasts of the modern world to appreciate them from a place no less complex, but one that unfolds over time, with repeated visits, rather than at the speed of a camera shutter, thereby rewarding continued occupation rather than just dazzling the eye.” Christopher Hawthorne, architecture critic of the Los Angeles Times , identified Cloepfil as a “2011 Face to Watch in the Arts.”

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