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Alexander Curlett, William F. Curlett, Thomas J. Johnston

Active 1873-1875

Firm Notes

The architectural partnership of Johnston and Curlett operated from an office at 330 Pine Street in San Francisco, CA, between 1873 and 1875. (See San Francisco Directory, 1873, p. 333 and San Francisco, California, City Directory, 1875, p. 222.) In 1873, the first year of the partnership, Johnston worked in Salt Lake City, U.T. It is possible that Johnston had a large commission in Salt Lake City and needed to find a partner to operate his practice in San Francisco while he was away.

In 1875, Johnston and Curlett had an office at 330 Pine Street, Room #61. (See The San Francisco directory for the year commencing March, 1875, p. 405.) Johnston would die in 1875, leaving the practice to Curlett.

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