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Bruce Hayashi, Bradley Miller

Firm Notes

In 2015, Miller Hayashi Architects maintained its headquarters at118 North 35th Street, Suite 200,Seattle, WA, 98103; tel: 206.634.0177 (2015). The firm said of itself on its web site in 2015: "Miller Hayashi Architects is committed to a vision of architecture as an inclusive social art. We find the substance of architecture in the experience of a site, in the patterns of life and in the craft of construction. Our projects range in scale from the civic to the personal. We practice a hands-on approach of principal involvement in all phases of a project. We listen carefully to owners, building users and the community, and respond energetically with design proposals. We strive to implement sustainable building practices in our work. Our firm is founded on our belief in the potential of architecture to enrich both function and site in an act of imagination." (See "Our Firm," Miller Hayashi Architects LLC, <>accessed 12/07/2015.)

PCAD id: 5276