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Phillip M. Beyl, Bruce C. Brown, Gene W. Callan, Craig L. Davis, Stephen W. Domreis, Raymond R. Glur, Russell L. Hale, Ronald L. Huld, Richard S. Kirschbaum, Craig S. Norman, Kent Pottebaum

Active 1969-

Firm Summary

GBD Architects had its main office at 1120 NW Couch Street Suite 300, Portland, OR, 97209; tel: 503.224.9656; in 2015, the firm had commissions up and down the West Coast, from Los Angeles, CA, to Seattle, WA.

In 2018, the firm said of itself on its web site: "GBD was established in 1969 in Portland, Oregon, as a practice that would excel in three areas: GBD would do a better job of understanding the people they were working with and what their business objectives were, so they would meet and occasionally exceed those objectives; GBD would work harder to consider how each space or building would be used and enjoyed, so they would actually be used and enjoyed; and GBD would be aware, from the very beginning, that a legacy was inevitable. That every decision and interaction would have an impact in some way: the kinds of buildings they built, how they built them, and the way they interacted with each other, their clients and the community. Many of those early GBD clients continue to be some of the firm’s most active clients today, as they themselves have prospered and expanded." (See GBD, "Who We Are: Profile Human Buildings," accessed 05/31/2018.)

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