Structure Type: built works - dwellings - houses - apartment houses

Designers: GBD Architects (firm); Glumac International, Mechanical Engineers (firm); Place Studio, Landscape Architects (firm); Steven Straus (engineer)

Dates: constructed 2015

21 stories

1061 NE 9th Avenue
Portland, OR 97232


Designed by Portland-based GBD Architects, Hassalo on Eighth had three component buildings, the six-story Velomor apartments, the five-story Elwood Building, and the 21-story Aster Tower, each considered a part in a larger "EcoDistrict."

Building History

San Diego-based American Assets Trust, Incorporated, hired Portland's GBD Architects and Place Studio, Landscape Architects to design this block community of three buildings, each designed to have its own character, but also to harmonize with one another. Above all, the designers emphasized sustainability as the development's overarching theme.

Building Notes

The Place Studio said this of its contribution to the Hassalo on Eighth project: "PLACE embraces practices that give back to the planet and benefit the global community. Using nature as inspiration, PLACE designs high-quality built-environments realized with less consumption of natural resources. PLACE recently assisted with the final design of a Natural Organic Recycling Machine (NORM) for Hassalo on Eighth, a new building development with over one million sq. ft. of new construction near downtown Portland. The system works like a wetland, using tidal cells and natural processes to clean and treat effluent. The NORM treats all of the buildings’ waste and recycles grey water on-site, to reuse for flushing toilets, irrigating landscape, and cooling towers for each of the buildings." (See Landezine International Landscape "Place Studio," accessed 05/31/2018.)

PCAD id: 22066