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Bradley Bastian, Jeffrey Nielsen

Active 2000-present

Firm Notes

This firm was founded in 2000, and headquartered in Seattle, WA; the firm specializing in "life science, biotech, healthcare, education, commercial, public, and office markets" began work in CA in 2001. BNB opened its first CA office in Redwood City, CA, its first office in MT in 2006 (closed by 2012), Spokane, WA, (2010) and San Diego, CA, (2010). In 2012, the firm maintained four offices. In 2015, BNB maintained its headquarters in Seattle, whit satelllite offices in Spokane, WA, and San Diego, CA, while an affliliated entity, BNBT Builders, Incorporated, maintained offices in Redwood City, CA, San Francisco, CA, and Pleasonton, CA.

PCAD id: 3640