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Waldo Barrickman Christenson, Ralf Edward Decker

Active 1950-1959

Firm Notes

Ralf E. Decker and Waldo B. Christenson worked with each other in the office of McClelland and Jones, Architects. Leaving that firm, they created a partnership in 1948-1949 with H.H. Smith, called Decker, Christenson, and Smith Architects, that operated in Seattle; Decker and Christenson succeeded it in 1950.

Following the premature death of Christenson in 1959, the firm became Ralf E. Decker, AIA, Architect, from 1959-1967. Subsequently, Decker partnered with Keith Kolb and Jack C. Stansfield from 1967 until 1971.

PCAD id: 1929