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Kichio Allen Arai, Tennys Francis Bellamy, Lowell Vernon Casey, David John Myers, James Hansen Schack Sr., Arrigo Mazzucato Young

Active 1920-1929

Firm Notes

Between 1917-1920, architects James H. Schack, Sr., (1871-1933) and David J. Myers (1872-1936) worked together on a loose association basis. This connection developed into a full-fledged partnership in 08/1920.

After David J. Myers left the firm in 05/1929, Schack and Young worked together until the death of the former.

PCAD id: 1730

ABC Warehouse and Transfer Warehouse, Longview, WA1922-1924LongviewWA
Batley, W.A., House, Seattle, WASeattleWA
Chinese Baptist Church #2, International District, Seattle, WA1921-1922SeattleWA
City of Seattle, Civic Auditorium, Seattle, WA 1925-1928SeattleWA
City of Seattle, Ice Arena, Seattle Center, Seattle, WA 1927SeattleWA
College Club #2, Downtown, Seattle, WA 1920-1921SeattleWA
Colonial Building, Longview, WA1922-1924LongviewWA
Columbia River Mercantile Department Store, Longview, WA1922-1924LongviewWA
Eldridge Buick Dealership, University District, Seattle, WA1925-1926SeattleWA
Garber, B. A., House, Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA1921-1922SeattleWA
Gelb Building, University District, Seattle, WA1927SeattleWA
Grand Opera House, Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA1898-1900SeattleWA
Hotel Monticello, Longview, WA1922-1923LongviewWA
Japanese Baptist Church, Seattle, WA1922-1923SeattleWA
Long-Bell Lumber Company Garage, Longview, WA1922-1924LongviewWA
Longview Company Apartment Building, 1302 21st Avenue, Longview, WA1922-1924LongviewWA
Longview Company Apartment Building, 1328 21st Avenue, Longview, WA1922-1924LongviewWA
Longview Company Office Building, Longview, WA1922-1924LongviewWA
Longview Master Plan, Longview, WA1922-1923LongviewWA
Saint Helens Inn, Dormitory, Longview, WA1922-1924LongviewWA
Seattle Chamber of Commerce, Office Building #2, Downtown, Seattle, WA1924SeattleWA
University Baptist Church #2, University District, Seattle, WA1922-1926SeattleWA
Veterans' Hall, Seattle, WASeattleWA