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William R. Calhoun Jr., Alfred James Clark, George Hyman, Robert D. Moser Jr., Benjamin Rome

Active 1906-present

Firm Notes

The firm began operations in 1906 as the George Hyman Construction Company, initially doing excavation exclusively. It branched into actual construction by 1923, when it teamed with another contractor to build the Wheatly Junior High School in Washington, DC. Hyman's nephew, Benjamin Rome, began work at Hyman Construction in 1927, and he assisted the firm navigate the private construction slowdown in the Depression Era. Engineer James A. Clark came to the company in 1950, rapidly rising in the hiearchy from "field engineer to estimator to company executive." George Hyman passed away in 1959, at which time Rome became head of the firm, and Clark became Vice-President and General Manager. He ascended to the title of President and Chief Executive Officer by the end of the 1960s. Clark established OMNI Construction in 1977 " pursue non-union projects in Washington, DC. Clark purchased the Shirley Contracting Company and Guy F. Atkinson Construction in the 1990s, at the same time it was expanded its field of operations beyond the Mid-Atlantic region to GA, FL, NY, and CA. The first branch offices were located in FL and CA, and then in IL and TX. The company was renamed in 1995 to become the Clark Construction Group, LLC, when the operations of OMNI Corporation and the Hyman Construction Company were joined. (See Clark Construction Group, LLC, "Our History," accessed 02/04/2020.)

In 2011, this firm was headquartered in Bethesda, MD, and had 5 regional offices in the US. It was the ninth-largest building construction firm in the US, with 3,900 employees. The Clark Construction Group began several seismic retrofitting projects in CA after the 1994 Northridge Earthquake.

The firm became involved in many large-scale design-build projects by 2010. In CA, this unit of the company was listed in articles as "Clark Design / Build of California, Building Contractors."

By 2018, the firm listed 10 offices across the US. These included the corporate headquarters (and Mid-Atlantic office) at 7500 Old Georgetown Road, Bethesda, MD; the office of Shirley Contracting Company, LLC, at 8435 Backlick Road, Lorton, VA; Guy F. Atkinson Construction, LLC, at 350 Indiana Street, Suite #600, Golden, CO; North Branch Office at 216 South Jefferson Street, Suite #502, Chicago, IL; South Offices at 2502 North Rocky Point Drive, Suite #200, Tampa, FL and Clark Construction Group--Texas, LP, 5353 W. Alabama Street, Suite #301, Houston, TX; West Offices at 18201 Von karman, Suite #800, Irvine, CA and 180 Howard Street, Suite #1200, San Francisco, CA.

In 2020, Clark Construction maintained its corporate headquarters in Bethesda, MD, and operated offices of the Shirley Contracting Company, LLC, in Lorton, VA, and Guy F. Atkinson Construction, LLC, in Golden, CO. Other, regional offices existed in Baltimore, MD, (Mid-Atlantic Region), Chicago, IL, (North), Tampa, FL, (South), Orlando, FL, (South), Houston, TX, (South), Irvine, CA, (West), San Francisco, CA, (West), San Diego (West) and Seattle, WA (West).

Clark Construction Group, LLC, participated in the University of Washington Seismic Improvements Project, that began in the late 2010s and was scheduled to conclude in 2025. The end of the first phase of this work occurred in 09/2019. Twenty-five buildings on campus were to be seismically upgraded during this time period. The Seattle architectural firm of Schacht | Aslani worked with the Clark Construction Group on the project,

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