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Sidney Cohn, Robert Henry Dietz, Donald John Foote, Paul Hayden Kirk, Spencer Blair Kirk, Donald Sheridan Wallace, Astra Zarina

Active 1950-1957

Kirk operated his office in Seattle, WA.

PCAD id: 1182

10407 NE 113th Place House, Kirkland, WA1954KirklandWA
10729 3rd Avenue NW House, Seattle, WA1953SeattleWA
4312 Baker Avenue NW House, Phinney Ridge, Seattle, WA1953SeattleWA
5756 Wilson Avenue South House, Seattle, WASeattleWA
Anderson, Dory, House, Seahurst, Seattle, WASeattleWA
Balch House, Wedgwood, Seattle, WA1954SeattleWA
Beale, Richard, House, Seahurst, Seattle, WASeattleWA
Blakeley Psychiatric Clinic, University District, Seattle, WA1956-1956University District, SeattleWA
Bowman, John, House, Juanita Heights, Kirkland, WA1955-1956KirklandWA
Buckley House, Medina, WA1957MedinaWA
Caverly, Le Roy and Bernice Strahl, House, Monroe, WA1951MonroeWA
Cheney, John, Law Office, Downtown, Anacortes, WA1953AnacortesWA
Columbia Ridge Tract Houses, Seattle, WASeattleWA
Crow House, Factoria, WA1951FactoriaWA
Danz, Frederick and Selma, House, Seattle, WA1953SeattleWA
Davis, W.B., House, Seattle, WA1937-1938SeattleWA
Doctors Clinic of Lake City, Lake City, Seattle, WA1951-1952SeattleWA
Doctors Medical Clinic, Bellevue, WA1951-1952BellevueWA
Dowell, Lewis J. and Margaret A., House, Seward Park, Seattle, WA1953SeattleWA
Eldred, Dr. B.E., D.D.S., Clinic Project, Olympia, WASeattleWA
Electri-living House, Medina, WA1956MedinaWA
Evans, John Cecil, House, Mercer Island, WA 1955Mercer IslandWA
Fleming, Donald D. and Marjorie K., House, Bellevue, WA1951-1951BellevueWA
Gilbert, Frank, House, The Highlands, Shoreline, WA1956-1957ShorelineWA
Hart, Irving and Lynn, House, Moro, OR1953MoroOR
Henderson, Frank and Lucille, House, Portage Bay, Seattle, WA1959SeattleWA
Kirk, Paul Hayden, House, Bothell, WABothellWA
Kirk, S. Blair, House #1, Mount Baker, Seattle, WA1949-1950SeattleWA
Kirk, S. Blair, House #2, Mercer Island, WA1958-1960Mercer IslandWA
Kirk, S. Blair, House #3, Mercer Island, WA1969-1970Mercer IslandWA
Loughlen House, Burien, WABurienWA
McCarthy, Gordon D., House, Seattle, WA1939SeattleWA
McNair-Price Clinic, Medford, ORMedfordOR
Miller, Marble, and Kintner Clinic, West Seattle, Seattle, WA1953SeattleWA
Moller, Hubert, House, Seahurst, Seattle, WASeattleWA
Norwood Village Houses, Bellevue, WA1950-1951BellevueWA
Norwood Village, 12123 SE 27th Street House, Bellevue, WABellevueWA
Olson, Dr. Dale, and Bitts, Dr. Howard, Clinic, Marysville, WA1954MarysvilleWA
Olson, Dr. Lowell, D.D.S., Dental Clinic, Seattle, WA1954SeattleWA
Overholt House, Seahurst, Seattle, WASeattleWA
Pelzel, Robert B. and Jane B., House, Mercer Island, WA 1961Mercer IslandWA
Putnam, John, House, Bellevue, WA1956BellevueWA
Ryning, Robert and Virginia, House, Hunts Point, Medina, WA1952-1953MedinaWA
Shorts, Calvin and Harriet, House, Bellevue, WA1956
Smith, John, Clinic, Seattle, WA1954-1955SeattleWA
Svare, Larry, House, Juanita, WA1953JuanitaWA
Worthington House, Bellevue, WA1952BellevueWA
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