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Partners: network

Frederick Forde Bassetti, Marilyn Brockman, Donald Brubeck, Nancy Staub Callery, Gregory Hepp, Richard Huxley, Lorne L. McConachie, Richard B. Metler

Active 1994-

Firm headquartered in Seattle, WA. Tel: (206) 340-9519 (2002);; the firm was known previously as Bassetti/Norton/Metler/Rekevics Architects. Richard Metler stayed on as a Partner from 1994-1997. By the 2000s, the firm was known simply as "Bassetti." In 2011, Principals at Bassetti included: Lorne McConachie, AIA, Rick Huxley, AIA, Marilyn Brockman, AIA, Greg Hepp, AIA, Nancy Staub Callery, AIA, and Eric Lanciault, AIA. In 2012, Principals were: Lorne McConanchie, Marilyn Brockman, Greg Hepp, Rick Huxley and Nancy Callery.

PCAD id: 1167