Structure Type: built works - commercial buildings - office buildings

Designers: GLY Construction, Incorporated (firm); McKinstry, Mechanical Contractors (firm)

Dates: [unspecified]

2200 7th Avenue
Downtown, Seattle, WA 98121

Building Notes

One of the building contractors, McKinstry, experimented with Virtual Reality equipment to assist workers in visualizing the interior and exterior of the Amazon highrise that they were constructing. Marc Stiles wrote in the Puget Sound Business Journal: "Construction and energy services company McKinstry is testing virtual reality techonology in the job site office of Amazon's two-tower Block 21 development at 2200 Seventh Ave. In a small room overlooking the project, an HTC Vive Virtual Reality System immerses workers inside a model of what is being built across the street. Ultimately, augmented reality, which examines one's current reality and adds something to it, will be part of the mix. AR will be added to safety glasses, allowing crews to pull up 3D drawings shwoing where to install ducts, pipes and other infrastructure. This technology also can be used to train workers on safety and improve collaboration among trades to more efficiently sequence their work." (See Marc Stiles, "Looking into the Future," Puget Sound Business Journal, 06/21/2019, p. 6-7.)

PCAD id: 22984